The long-term work station for start-ups and beyond

12th Apr 2021

The long-term work station for start-ups and beyond

A workstation represents the exact element announcing your debut in business and as success stories in every industry highlight it, the one feature that allows you to work on your fronts even before you gathered your army and munition. However, as your growth journey gets you more and more attached to your command base, functionality and comfort are constantly reiterated as the fundamental requirements to focus on when opting for your desk and chair. Through its outstandingly versatile designs, Dams provides reliable solutions for home and corporate offices that fit the functional and creative needs a project may highlight in all its development stages.

When acquainted to a company’s offices, potential clients are reported to translate classic furniture aesthetics into strong work ethics and integrity, demonstrating how timeless elegance may highlight a similar impact to bespoke interiors conceived upon a brand’s visual identity elements. From the team’s perspective, the exact classic designs advance the closest ambiance to the imagery of home and cosiness, inspiring peer cooperation and bonding.

Promoted for home use, where Dams designers explored the ultimate degree of versatility which would blend it as a work station in every day or study room, the Maestro 25 desk has been immediately integrated in corporate offices. The classic design highlighted by the Maestro 25 came naturally as an style choice to reflect the strength ensured by the 25mm melamine desktops fixed in a solid metallic H-frame. A discrete creative merger of contemporary lines into cozy, almost rustic aesthetics, the Maestro 25 highlights the potential of remaining an up-to-date element for as long as you can rely on its functionality.

The basic 800 deep rectangular model recommends the Maestro 25 desk for conference rooms and any study hubs in which temporary work sessions require no storage, but space and flexibility. Discretely camouflaged by the modesty panel, the storage opportunities provided by the 600 deep desks with fixed pedestals appear to have been designed to favour showrooms and interiors where communication is best conducted with no geometry that might appear visually disruptive. Integrating three generous drawers, the 800 deep desk with fixed pedestals make a brilliant choice for home desks or for lines of work which require an immediate access to extensive piles of folders. The Maestro 25 desk comes in four width options -1000, 1200, 1400 and 1600mm that deliver to the requirements of an exhaustive range of industries, as well to the challenges of various hierarchical positions.

Regardless of the choice of desk, your new work station can brilliantly integrate the Tegan chair which incorporate all ergonomic features you’d want in a productive work session. The gas lift adjustment invites you to jump in your work rhythm, while the adjustable back rake and height that is lockable in any position allows you to make your tailored perception of comfort your very own. When it comes to extended the ergonomic experience to arms, the Tegan chair is proposed in three options which respond to different contexts and lifestyles. While the no arms version provides the optimal space efficient solution for conference or study rooms, the 2D and 3D are best integrated in offices in which focus and productivity balance various poses as depending on one’s engagement. The Tegan chair maintains the exact flexibility within a weight capacity of up to 130 kg.

Encompassing both warm, as well as cool shades, the sophisticated palette of wooden shades curated by Dams provides the Maestro 25 desk the versatile elegance which allows it to be easily blend in any interior, while the white, black or silver frame add a contemporary vibe to its timeless design. Regardless of the choice of hue, the wood finishes are treated to ensure resistance to scratches, stains and burns. As for the Tegan chair, generous customisable colour options can either transform its upholstery into a reflection of your branding or add new depths and contrasts to the chromatic mixture scintillated by your office interior. Nevertheless, the breathable mesh back option remains a sleek touch for neutral interior in which technical esthetics receive an edgy play of lights and shadows. The mesh back version also offers an adjustable lumbar feature.