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Mobile Pedestals & Office Storage Filing Cabinets

Choose the right office storage solutions in order to maximise space and help your employees stay organized while keeping files, documents and office items safely stored in cabinets and pedestals that offer flexibility and security.

Office storage furniture is more than just another aspect of equipping your office. It is, first and foremost, the part that keeps your files and documents safe. It is also vital for keeping items organised and for helping your employees create a sense of privacy and belonging, by being able to store personal items that are necessary to their day-to-day office activity.

Whether you opt for a mobile pedestal or a filing cabinet, our office storage solutions are designed to keep your office safe, tidy and well organised while maximising space efficiency. If safety is a priority, choose a pedestal or filing cabinet with lockable drawers. However, if you are looking for a shared storage option that will give you the added benefit of partitioning the workspace and reducing background noise, the Domo Storage Acoustic Office Divider is a 3-in-1 versatile premium solution that will address all your needs at once.