How can a sustainable decor wall panel reshape your room’s soundscape

22nd Jul 2021

How can a sustainable decor wall panel reshape your room’s soundscape

Stylish, yet highly functional, Corkbee’s acoustic wall panel decor collection fulfills the ergonomic, as well as aesthetic requirements for offices, restaurants, lounges, receptions and leisure facilities, while remaining perfectly adaptable for households.

Corkbee’s inspiration for its original acoustic decor collection can be resumed to four key points: pattern, material, performance, and flexibility.

The positive impact of geometrical kaleidoscopes

Applications in neurology confirm the outstanding benefits of exposure to geometrical forms on cognitive processing, stimulating both creativity, as well as focus, memory and wellbeing. However, beyond both the energising and relaxing effects of geometric shapes, benefits can also arise in unexpected areas as well. Acoustic comfort in just one of them.

The influence of a diamond-patterned wall on the interior soundscape

Experiments conducted on the impact of sound on surfaces of various geometrical shapes highlight triangular structures with the most efficient results in sound attenuation. Contrary to plain surfaces, a gradually descending lean along a relief vertical structure increases the sound dispersion capacities, neutralises echoes and prevents reverberation. When it comes to isolation, refurbishing or setting, modules of geometrical represent the top choice for interior architects and designers when it comes to setting the appropriate acoustic parameters for auditoriums or events venues. Mounted on the upper part of walls, but also on ceilings, triangle structures and decor enhance speech clarity and upgrades sound dispersion so that every attendee can enjoy the exact acoustic experience for concerts or conferences.

A sustainble solution for acoustic performance

Sound absorbing coatings do not necessarily demand engineering costly formulas, as it can be easily ensured through natural materials. Surveying the most efficient natural acoustic absorbing materials, Corkbee has adapted the most sustainable solution for its new sound attenuating decor collection. Cork is praised amongst the most sustainable and cost-friendly sound attenuating materials. Conventionally, cork is used for isolation of floors, ceilings and walls. The honeycomb structure of its cells allow a rapid absorption of sound vibrations, while its 50% air-based composition recommends it as a great heat insulator. Studies conducted on cork confirm the capacity to neutralise 40% of the sound across the frequency range. Further virtues include its high combustion temperature which makes being a fire retardant. Nevertheless, cork represents a long term investment thanks to its anti-microbial and water resistant formula which reduces the risk of mold or mildew, while reducing the appearance of dust and toxins.

A value maximising production process

In order to preserve the most of these unrivalled capacities, Corkbee has used a compression moulding technology to produce its acoustic decor collection. Sustainable sourcing accounts by-products obtained from the manufacture of wine corks. Granulated cork is further laid in moulds and submitted to the compression procedure. Colour pigmentation is conducted within the process.

Redesign your interior soundscape and style in just one shot

Accommodating 19 panels per each square meter, the MuffeCork acoustic mosaic represents a unique challenge for both geometrical, as well as chromatic configurations. The diamond-shaped panel can be attached in an infinite variety of prisms building a whimsical 3D effect. While the relief ensures an expressive interplay of lights and shadows, the 11 shades palette inspire discreet or bold contrasts that can escalate to scintillating multicolour spectrums or sophisticated ombre matchings on neutral tones.

An effortless-free maintenance

Variating in thickness from only 5mm to 20mm, depending on the relief, the panels do not appropriate any essential room, hindering furniture placement or decor. Weighting only 230g in their untreated version and 250g if dyed, the panels are easy to install, detach, reconfigure and relocate. As an antistatic material, cork is extremely easy to clean. In case of fall, the cushion structure of cork neutralises impact.