Office Relocations

Quick, stress-free corporate relocations are only a phone call away. Our experienced movers will handle your office furnishings with the care they deserve, no matter how complicated your relocation is.

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Our Office Relocation Service

When you think about office relocations, what do you imagine? It is tempting to put all movers in the same category, but the truth is that corporate relocations need much more specialist support. At Panelscreens, we handle all the finer details.

So, what does this mean in practice? When you book an office relocation with us, your filing systems will be kept in order, IT equipment will be wrapped in bubble wrap and handled accordingly, and expensive office furniture will be transported with care.

On top of that, our movers and logistics specialists will execute a smooth, streamlined move. You are in the right place if you are searching for a communicative, conscientious corporate relocation team.

Relocation Services at a Glance

Logistics, interior planning, and post-move support are the nuts and bolts of our office relocation service.

  • Logistics - Our logistics team will ask you lots of questions to determine the scope, requirements, and budget of your relocation. Then, they will create a detailed plan to ensure your needs are met. We leave nothing to chance, which is why office managers all over the UK use our service.
  • Interior planning -We are space specialists, so we are more than happy to take a look at your new office and make it as efficient as possible. Once we have maximised your space and office furniture, you will have a happy, productive workplace.
  • Post-move support -Has a new problem arisen? No problem. We are only ever a phone call away. Even after we have left your new premises, you can contact us for support. Our post-move support includes unpacking, porterage, and inventory management.

Logistical Support

Logistical support comes as standard with our office relocation service. We look at the bigger picture and discuss how to move your furnishings in the most effective way possible. This includes route planning, transport tracking, and scheduling.

When you choose our corporate relocation service, you are always in the driving seat. You can oversee and approve any plans that we make. That way, we execute your move within your parameters.

No Bumps or Scratches

Bumps and scratches are one of the biggest worries for office managers who have to move entire departments. When movers cut corners, companies suffer. Some companies have to spend thousands of pounds rebuying scratched and dented furniture, which defeats the purpose of paying a moving team to begin with!

Our eagle-eyed team can spot a disaster before it happens. Even better, we have all the equipment we need to safely transport your desks, fixtures, and acoustic furnishings.

Always on Time

We stick to a strict schedule, so you never have to wait around. You can depend on us to be at your premises at a time that suits you. Just tell us the time, and we will arrive with all the right equipment in tow.

Who Uses Our Corporate Relocation Services?

So, who benefits from this kind of service?

Public, private, and specialist companies all over the UK benefit from corporate relocation services. If you are in any of these spheres, your needs are probably too complicated for domestic moving teams. Very few domestic teams can offer the level of precision and safe-guarding that you need.

CEOs, administrators, and office managers call us when they want to relocate:

  • Offices
  • Reception areas
  • Waiting rooms
  • Shops
  • Community centres

We can handle any project that includes heavy, delicate, or expensive furniture.

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