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Acoustic booths are the next generation of room acoustics. We stock everything from half-enclosed pods to entirely enclosed structures. They are perfect for people who want to protect their staff, students, and community from the hustle and bustle of harsh soundscapes. When you choose an enclosed acoustic booth, nothing is left to chance. Individuals can retreat to the booth to take a break from hectic days, talk to partners overseas, and achieve deadlines in a peaceful space. Acoustic meeting booths have the power of dozens of noise-dampening single lights, panels, and pillars combined. Zen Acoustic Pod is a brilliant example. This enclosed pod dampens sounds by 31 dB, and it has all the facilities needed to accommodate international conference calls.


Acoustic Booth Frequently Asked Questions

What Is An Acoustic Meeting Booth?

Acoustic meeting booths act as a middle point for Zoom meetings, one-on-one chats between supervisors and staff, and colleagues who want to catch up. In simple terms, these kinds of pods are designed to create a quiet, separate space away from the sometimes overwhelming background noise in shared environments. Plenty Pod is one of the most popular meeting booths for busy professionals. It is available in three sizes for individuals, pairs, and groups. Each acoustic office booth comes with ventilation, LED lights, and electrical outlets as standard.

Do Acoustic Phone Booths Block Sound Waves?

Yes! All the acoustic booths in our range are fitted with noise-dampening materials. You can choose from products that contain moulded felt and insulation and others that are upholstered in sound-absorbing materials. Most modern shared spaces are open-plan, which means that sound waves can run riot. The problem becomes even worse in spaces that have high ceilings. The waves travel through vast, empty expanses of air until they hit walls and create echoes. Acoustic phone booths absorb sound waves on the outside and protect individuals from unwanted sounds on the inside. The inside of Plenty Pod Phone Booth is upholstered in sound-absorbent, stylish fabrics. Individuals can work in peace without worrying about background noise.

Who Buys Acoustic Booths?

We recommend noise-dampening booths for offices, schools, study spaces, and even job fairs and polling stations. You are most likely to see our booths in open-plan, modern offices across the country. If you value your employees’ mental health and concentration, you should browse through our acoustic meeting booths. Sound-absorbing booths benefit you as much as they benefit your employees. People who are in loud, abrasive open-plan environments struggle to work to the best of their abilities. In terms of productivity, acoustic booths pay for themselves!

Create Your Ideal Acoustic Booth Today

You do not have to settle for a generic acoustic office booth. We offer our customers a bespoke service, and our booths come with lots of customisable options. Call our team on 02039954570 or email us at to request a no-obligation one-on-one call with one of our designers.