Acoustic Ceiling Panels

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Acoustic ceiling panels have been specially designed and engineered as a simple and easy solution to improve the acoustic qualities of the space they are in. They help to not only absorb sound, but also reduce echo. This makes them a perfect solution for open plan offices, canteens, public atriums and waiting areas. The wide variety of shapes and colours such as the acoustic cloud ceiling panel we have to offer mean these are ideal for schools and classrooms.  Our acoustic ceiling panels compliment our acoustic wall panels range perfectly. This helps with sound absorbtion and lowering background noise in large spaces.  

We offer a made to order service and if you can't what you are looking for or would like to learn more about these or what or any of our other acoustic wall baffle or acoustic decorative products please do get in touch. Our sales team can be reached on 020 3995 4570 email us at