Free Standing Acoustic Screens

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Free standing acoustic screens are the perfect way to easily divide up space and reduce noise. We have high quality free-standing acoustic screens for all budgets. From our budget super acoustic office screen, which is available in a choice of 10 colours to Abstractas simple and smooth finished Softline 30 acoustic screen we have you covered. 

All our freestanding acoustic office screens can be easily moved around to suit your workplaces day to day needs. Helping you to create temporary waiting areas, breakout spaces and meeting pods. 

The interiors of our free-standing acoustic screens are made up of specialist noise dampening materials which make for neater sound-absorbent screens.  

If you need something a little bit quicker, but just as acoustic, then check out our fast acoustic freestanding screen is what you need. Delivered in 2-3 days this quality cost-effective screen is perfect for all working environments.

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