Muffle 70 Mobile Acoustic Screen

This Muffle acoustic screen is 70mm thick and contains 24mm of sound-absorbent foam that guarantees soft soundscapes.
£330.00 ex. VAT
£396.00 inc. VAT

Product Specifications

  • 70mm thick screen
  • Widths: 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1400mm, 1600mm, 1800mm
  • Heights: 1200mm, 1500mm, 1800mm
  • Supplied with castor feet
  • Finished with curved corners
  • Double layer of 12mm sound-absorbent foam on both sides
  • Contains fire-retardant foam
  • Camira Blazer fabrics available
  • Dispatched within 10 working days
  • Made in the UK

Please note: Photographic fabric scans are not colour-accurate. We recommend requesting a fabric sample before ordering. Order a free swatch card

Key Benefits of Muffle 70 Mobile Acoustic Partition Screen

When you invest in Muffle 70 acoustic partition screens, you can easily transform your space into a soothing, productive area. Softens harsh sounds Castor feet are movable Easy to store away from sight Made with safety in mind

Muffle 70 Mobile Acoustic Office Screens Reduce Sound Transmission

Muffle 70 is a versatile acoustic panel that will create private spaces in even the most abrasive open-plan environments. Muffle 70 is available in heights of up to 1800mm, and each panel has 24mm of noise-dampening foam. Altogether, you can expect unbeatable protection from harsh soundwaves. Sound waves are absorbed on the surface of this acoustic screen. Loud footfalls, office chatter, and the click-clack of keyboards are no match for Muffle 70. Privacy doesn’t have to be exclusive; this acoustic separator comes with in-built castor feet. You can create small private alcoves and meeting rooms in a flash. Just unlock the castor feet, wheel the Muffle acoustic office screens into place, and lock the castors. Even better, you can easily store Muffle 70 screens away from sight when you do not need them.

Muffle 70 Mobile Acoustic Separator Uses

Muffle 70 acoustic screen has two main uses. It functions as a visual and acoustic barrier between office workers, students, and customers. The visual element creates a much-needed layer of privacy for busy individuals who want to maintain their personal space in public environments. The acoustic element is just as significant. It enables employees to focus on their tasks and tune out distracting background noises. Loud, jarring noises can have a big impact on mental health. If you want to boost concentration, acoustic office screens are the way forward. Muffle 70 has excellent sound-absorbing properties that give employees all over the UK a new sense of contentment at work. This mobile acoustic panel is perfect partner to our Muffle 70 acoustic desk screens.

Muffle 70 Mobile Acoustic Panels Materials

No stone was left unturned in the creation of the Muffle 70 acoustic separator. This noise-dampening furnishing is comprised of a sturdy core that is bracketed by 12mm of acoustic foam on either side. The foam is not just sound-absorbent, it is also fire retardant. To top things off, Muffle 70 is upholstered in Camira Blazer fabric. 

Muffle 70 Mobile Acoustic Screen Customisation

Muffle acoustic panels are upholstered in Camira Blazer fabric. Camira is one of the most popular upholstery options for acoustic furnishings. There are over 45 Blazer colours to choose from, so it is easy to find an option that compliments every kind of interior. Blazer Surrey and Blazer Hull are just a few of the options that are available for people who want subdued tones. For something a little more regal, you can opt for Blazer Barnard or Blazer Vassar. Unsure about colour schemes? Contact us today for a colour palette consultation.

Buy Muffle 70 Mobile Acoustic Partition Screen Today

Buy a Muffle 70 acoustic partition screen today to invest in your work environment. Our team can even help you decide on complementary colours and other acoustic furnishings. Contact our team to arrange a consultation.

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