Freestanding Desk Dividers

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Free-standing desk dividers are perfect for the ever-changing workplace. The very fact these desk screens are free standing means that if you need to update and change your floorplan, there is no need for them to be uninstalled and then reinstalled. Just pick up the free-standing desk divider and go.

Our free-standing desk dividers are perfect if you have bench desks or can't use desk clamps or screw fittings on your office desks. Free-standing desk dividers are an effective way to break up large banks of desks. Because the desk partitions are not fixed to a desk they can be configured any way you need. The flat feet have been designed to ensure that the free-standing desk partitions are stable and do not topple over.

The acrylic free-standing screens we have are ideal for use in reception areas, hair and beauty salons, medical centres, shops and anywhere you need to ensure social distancing.

If you need something that offers more privacy and increased sound-absorbing qualities then the Pillow acoustic desk divider is perfect. This upholstered fabric desk partition is perfect.

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