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Now that you have acoustic office screens, you can invest in acoustic screen accessories. Accessories are not essential, but they make acoustic furnishings even more versatile. When you pair screens, desk dividers, and panels with accessories, you unlock a world of new possibilities. They transform acoustic panels into essential pieces of office furniture. Linking equipment combines panels to create individual spaces in open-plan areas. Our 2-way, 3-way, and 4-way linking equipment can revolutionise your office, school, or lobby. Panels are ideal for open-plan environments that need to be segmented, and accessories can help you create whichever configurations you want.


Acoustic Screen Accessories Frequently Asked Questions

Freestanding Feet Vs. Castor Feet

We sell freestanding feet and castor feet for furniture. The freestanding feet are static, and they act as a sturdy base for even the biggest acoustic panels. We recommend static feet for people who want to create smaller rooms, break areas, and workspaces inside open-plan rooms. If you are searching for a more flexible option, you should invest in castor feet. Our castor feet are lockable, which means that they have all the sturdiness of static feet. The wheels add an extra layer of versatility to your acoustic panels. You can wheel them out for impromptu meetings and store them away from sight until next time.

What Is Linking Equipment?

Linking equipment (or linking connectors) are small pieces of metal that allow you to connect panels together. They are essential desk divider screen accessories. We sell a few different kinds of connectors, including 2-way, 3-way, and 4-way connectors. These products are designed specifically for Abstracta Softline screens, but most brands create links for their panels. 4-way connectors are especially useful for open-plan office spaces, schools, libraries, and community areas. These acoustic screen accessories create a cross-shaped structure that is ideal for desks. Four desks can nestle in the four segments. The sound-absorbent panels stop unwanted sounds, so individuals can complete their work in peace.

What Are Wall Linking Brackets?

Wall linking brackets solve an age-old issue. Acoustic screens are very useful pieces of furniture, but they can become a problem. If screens are not secured, they can move around and cause chaos. Wall brackets are a simple, affordable solution to your dilemma. They are one of the most popular desk divider screen accessories that we sell for small offices where space is at a premium.

Who Needs Acoustic Screen Accessories?

Anyone who regularly uses office screens will benefit from accessories. Screen accessories are very versatile. There is no need to attach the accessories to your screens forever. You can simply wait for the right time, collect your accessories from storage, and reap the benefits. We sell acoustic screen accessories to people who work in busy offices, community centres, schools, and more.

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