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Bring your ideas to the forefront with notice boards. Freestanding display boards are ideal for offices, schools, healthcare facilities, and any other environment that would benefit from readily available, digestible information. Our Folding Display Boards and Concertina Folding Office Screens act as a meeting place for busy staff, studious pupils, and potential customers to discuss ideas and next steps. They invite conversation, but also combat harsh soundscapes. If you want to soften background noises in modern open-plan offices, communal spaces, and exhibitions, browse through our boards. Our folding and concertina notice boards are designed to deliver years of service. You can fold them away and move them into storage until your next trade show, or make them a staple in your office to share general bulletins and urgent updates. We also manufacture different acoustic options to suit a range of spaces. Acoustic Ceiling Panels and Acoustic Wall Baffle Panels could be just what you need to create a productive environment.


Display Board Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Display Board?

Display boards (which are also known as notice boards) are strong pieces of material that are often covered in block-colour fabrics. These information boards can be used for a wide range of purposes. Some of our customers use concertina boards at events, trade shows, and exhibitions. Others use these dual-purpose boards to soften soundscapes and display information in their own spaces.

What to Put on a Notice Board?

There is no end to the number of ways that you can dress a display board stand. Photo display boards are popular among professionals who want visitors, staff, and students to absorb important information quickly. Bulletins are another popular option, especially among team leaders who want to outline daily tasks and next steps. Our boards are ideal for important meetings. For the ultimate flexibility, we recommend boards with wheels. You can wheel in your board to clarify key points and wheel it back to storage when you are finished.

Who Are Notice Boards For?

Freestanding display boards are a vehicle for information. They are an alternative to reams and reams of paper, complicated reports, and incomprehensible graphics. Anyone who appreciates clear, concise graphics, updates, and actionable steps will love our boards. Whether you stay at the office or travel across the UK, our notice boards can streamline your working day. Travelling professionals love our Heavy Duty Folding Display Board with 7 Panels because it can be arranged into several shapes and configurations to suit whatever event they are at. You can use the seven separate panels to segment your information and highlight your ideas.

What Are Noticeboards Made Of?

Our photo display boards are made from a few different materials and upholstered in high-quality fabrics. For premium materials, we recommend our Mobile Concertina Folding Office Screens in Woolmix. The core of this board is made from sturdy materials, and the exterior is upholstered in Woolmix fabric which is available in a range of colours including Beige, Merlot, and Ruby. A sturdy aluminium frame holds the notice board upright, and the lockable wheels allow you to store and roll the board out as necessary.

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