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Glass room dividers are an elegant, modern solution to your space problem. When space is at a premium (or when large open-plan spaces have to accommodate several teams), room dividers are the go-to answer. You might think of traditional fabric office screens first, but what about glass? Glass dividers can be frosted or clear, which separates employees without cutting off communication entirely. By leaving the avenues of collaboration open, your colleagues, students, and guests can enjoy the best of both worlds. The natural light that filters through 100% glass dividers is a welcome reprieve from dark offices, and it has a positive impact on mental health.


Classic Glass Partition Screen Arch is one of the most versatile products that we sell. This floor-standing glass screen features a frosted glass effect that is accompanied by sections of clear glass in a repeating pattern. The interplay between clear and opaque pieces, as well as the curved arch, creates an almost barrier; a furnishing that is functional yet sociable. Colleagues can peer over the arch to converse or use the frosted glass as a barrier against unwanted interruptions. For even more privacy, browse through our range of glazed office screen dividers.

Glass Room Dividers Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Glass Divider Walls For?

Like any divider wall, a glass divider wall functions as a barrier. You may have seen dividers in schools, libraries, and even your own office. Glass wall dividers stand apart from the crowd. The unique qualities of glass give these panels a distinctly modern feel which exudes a sense of transparency and honesty. It is not uncommon to see glass dividers in banks, reception areas, and public waiting rooms. One of the biggest benefits of glass furnishings is their ability to welcome light into your space. Employees and customers who enter dark, dank spaces will soon feel their mood dipping. With glass dividers, you can rest assured that your employees are getting a healthy dose of natural light. Glass screens are especially useful for spaces that suffer from far too much light. Whereas traditional dividers will block out all the light (relegating one side of the office to total darkness), glass room dividers strike the perfect balance. Looking for something similar? Explore our range of easy-clean vinyl office screens.

Why Choose a Glass Room Divider?

Whereas old offices were all about stuffy cubicles, modern workplaces are far more bright and cohesive. Border Part Glazed Office Screen is a perfect combination of the old and the new; the fabric bottom panel allows entrepreneurs and employees to retain a modicum of privacy and the glazed upper half invites interaction. Glass divider wall furnishings are made for modern spaces. Like F30 Part-Glazed Curved Office Screen, most of our glass furnishings are available desk-mounted, floor-standing, straight, or curved. These panels are made to suit your space. For something a little bit different, discover cork acoustic panels.

Are Glass Wall Dividers Suitable for Offices?

Glass wall dividers are suitable for anyone who wants to create separate spaces without compromising on light quality. Here are a few of the spaces where you will find our dividers.

  • Offices
  • Banks
  • Hotels
  • Reception areas
  • Libraries
  • Schools
  • Study spaces
  • Pharmacy
  • Doctor’s surgery

Glass dividers are versatile, functional, and appropriate for a range of environments.

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Glass room dividers can change your space for the better. Contact our interior design team at 02039954570 or email us to inquire about a divider. Whether you are searching for furnishings for a bank, reception area, or office, we can help. Our designers will point you in the right direction and suggest options that suit your space.