Curved Office Divider Screens

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Curved office screens and dividers are a unique and flexible solution for creating privacy. The curved shape doesn't obstruct the natural flow of the open-plan office. Our curved office screens are available as freestanding screens or can be linked together to create semi-private waiting areas or meeting pods

The Acoustic curved partition screen is available either freestanding or can be linked to additional curved screens to create circular meeting spaces. You can also configure them into an 'S' shape, which can be lengthened by linking them to the economy acoustic office screen. We also offer a curved aluminium trimmed acoustic screen too!

The F30 curved office screen is available in a variety of finishes, including having fully glazed screens combined with curved fabric screens. These office screens are a great way to provide small areas for quick meetings or quiet focused work. The more circular shaped spaces help to make the area feel more relaxed and make them perfect for use as waiting areas. 

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