Acoustic Rafts

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Acoustic rafts tackle reverberation, reflection, and echoes. They are an alternative to acoustic wall panels, which also contribute to softer, more pleasant room acoustics. Rafts hanging horizontally or vertically from the ceiling. They are ideal for spaces that cannot accommodate fixed wall panels or even standing sound-absorbent structures. These space-saving, noise-dampening acoustic ceiling rafts are available with or without lights. Abstracta Trumpet Acoustic Light is one of the most popular acoustic lighting rafts that we sell. This vertical light has a wooden base that is stuffed full of sound-absorbent materials. It is available with a downlight, an uplight, or both. It is not uncommon to see Abstracta Trumpet in offices, schools, and reception areas.


Acoustic Ceiling Rafts Frequently Asked Questions

What Is An Acoustic Raft?

The term acoustic refers to sound waves. When someone mentions room acoustics, they are referring to sound in spaces. This can be anything from the quality to the loudness of the sound. An acoustic raft is a horizontal or vertical panel that hangs from the ceiling. These panels contain sound-absorbing materials or are upholstered in noise-dampening fabrics.

Why Are Acoustic Rafts Better Than Other Acoustic Furnishings?

Acoustic ceiling rafts are just one of the options available to people who want to improve harsh soundscapes. When professionals realise that their soundscape is unmanageable, they can choose from a range of noise-reducing furnishings. Rafts do not necessarily have better sound-absorbing qualities than other furnishings but they are excellent for people who need to save space. Rafts are made for spaces that cannot accommodate wall panels or standing structures. They are particularly effective in spaces that have high ceilings. Sound waves can travel through the empty air above desks and tables with ease. Acoustic lighting rafts target those problem areas and illuminate workspaces at the same time.

Are Acoustic Rafts Affordable?

The good news is that there is an acoustic raft to suit every budget. We stock a sliding scale of products that range from a hundred pounds to close to a thousand pounds. No matter which product you choose, you can expect a high-quality finish. Abstracta Basic Acoustic Ceiling Baffle is an affordable option for people who want to improve their room acoustics on a budget. Abstracta is one of the best-known brands for noise-dampening furnishings. If you are searching for acoustic ceiling rafts that span entire desks, you are in the right place. This baffle is available in two sizes: H650mm x W1200mm and H650mm x W2000mm.

Customise Your Acoustic Lighting Rafts

Customise your acoustic raft with any one of our premium-quality upholstery options. Snow White, Blazer, and Synergy are just a few of the fabrics that we use. Not sure which fabric to choose? You can book a one-on-one meeting with our interior designer. They are happy to answer questions on everything from dimensions to acoustic properties. Call 020 3995 4570 or email to get the ball rolling.