Next day delivery office partition floor screens

With Next Day Delivery available, the partition screens from Panelscreens will make your life easier, your employees safer, happier and more productive.

Divide space and provide a solution to noise problems

These screens are cleverly designed to absorb large sharp levels of sound and keep volumes to a minimum.

Discover our social distancing glazed perspex office screens

Social distancing distancing floor screens & desk dividers are designed to help create clear partitions, protecting employees and visitors from virus transmission.

New flexible acoustic office pods & booths

Soundproof acoustic office space that allows you to concentrate on the task at hand.

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Office Enclosures New Products

New flexibile acoustic office
pods and booths

This flexibility is embedded within the product in all forms including height, width and depth (all of which can be specified to any mm increment), panel finish, footprint and AV integration, all of which can be tailored to your exact requirements. All pods are supplied with integrated sliding doors and ceilings are fitted with LED lighting operated with a PIR.

Office Pods and Booths

Acoustic room dividers

Our office partition screens and office dividers are available in a range of products and colours.

Acoustic office screens

Desktop screens

Desk top mounted desk dividers to fit most desks, complete with clamps or mini feet.

Our desk dividers

Office pods

Create quiet zones in your open plan office with our new popular range of office pods.

All office pods

Bespoke office screens & partitions

Custom office screens & partitions, designed by a leading UK-manufacturer. Desktop screens to free-standing dividers, designed to suit any office.

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  • Protect Full Glazed Office Screen

    Protect Full Glazed Office Screen

    Bulk discount 6-11 12-23 24-47 over 48 5% discount 10% discount 15% discount 20% discount   The Protect fully glazed office screen is ideal for the modern workplace...

  • Budget Partition Office Screen

    Budget Partition Office Screen

    Bulk discount 6-11 12-23 24-47 over 48 5% discount 10% discount 15% discount 20% discount   Our Budget Office Divider Screens are our staple range of office partition...

  • Protect Desk Mounted Glazed Screen

    Protect Desk Mounted Glazed Screen

    The Protect glazed desk mounted screen has been recently launched and developed to create an additional layer of protection for your customers and employees who are in close proximity to one another...

  • Budget desk screen straight top

    Budget desk screen straight top

    Bulk discount 6-11 12-23 24-47 over 48 5% discount 10% discount 15% discount 20% discount   Budget desk screens are designed for offices working to a budget, good...

  • Budget Smooth Desk Screens Straight Top

    Budget Smooth Desk Screens Straight Top

    Bulk discount 6-11 12-23 24-47 over 48 5% discount 10% discount 15% discount 20% discount   Budget smooth desk screens straight top are available in 3 heights and...


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