Office Spaces for Every Kind of Employee

Our services expand far beyond selling furniture. We design space plans, store bulky furniture, and install complicated pieces for our customers. Our team will help you create soft, welcoming soundscapes for employees and customers alike.

Office Furniture Installations

We have a broad network of skilled tradespeople who will install your new office furniture. Some of our furnishings are large and heavy, so it makes sense to book an experienced crew that can install your furniture. Our team will deliver the furniture, assemble it, and manoeuvre it into place.

Office Relocations and Reconfigurations

Are you relocating to new premises? Relocating is stressful at the best of times, especially if you need to handle the logistics for a big open-plan office. We will arrange for protective gear, trucks, and moving people to arrive at your office at a time that suits you.

Storage and Distribution

Our storage facilities are secure and reliable. Rather than throwing away old or out-of-fashion furniture, you can call us. We will collect your furniture and stow it safely away at one of our depots. And when your old furniture comes back in fashion, we will transport it straight to your door.

Design and Space Planning

Space planning could revolutionise your office, classroom, or reception area. With the use of our CAD technology, office managers can look at their spaces and see the bigger picture. This service is ideal for people who are concerned about employee well-being.