Desk Dividers: A Modern Solution for Start-Ups
From 2021 to 2022, there were 753,168 new companies in the UK, and according to domain giant 123Reg, Britons were up to 10% more likely to start a new business in January rather than any other year.Re

Posted by Panelscreens on 4th Jan 2024

A Complete Guide to Soundscapes and the Office
What is a soundscape? A soundscape is the environment containing all the sounds around us. Just like a landscape contains features such as mountains, hills, and trees, a soundscape contains all the

Posted by Panelscreens on 24th Aug 2022

3 Easy Ways To Reduce Office Background Noise
What is office background noise? In recent years, open-plan offices have become more popular due to their propensity to foster teamwork and a more collaborative and inclusive environment, but this tr

Posted by Panelscreens on 7th Apr 2022

How Cork Acoustic Panels Improve Workplace Acoustics
In recent years, many of us have had to adapt to new working habits. With increased awareness of social distancing, the busy work environments we were once used to can now often feel hectic and overcr

Posted by Panelscreens on 16th Mar 2022

How to choose your home office furniture
Functional, space efficient, and ergonomic: these are the top criteria to which one should not make any compromise when selecting their office furniture. However, when setting a command base at home,

20th Jul 2021