​Make privacy echo your success in negotiation with the Chatbox from Panelscreens

9th Mar 2021

​Make privacy echo your success in negotiation with the Chatbox from Panelscreens

Whether for negotiations or simple follow-ups, communication is vital to any business, so it should be complemented with the proper focus and privacy. With the original Chatbox available from Panelscreens, performant communication comes in a functional, ergonomic, and sustainable hub which can be easily integrated in any office.

As inspired as your team’s usual energy may get you, and as well as you might have managed to train your focus to overcome background buzz, phone calls still demand tranquility. Regardless on one’s mastery of multitasking, their fellow interlocutors may themselves get discouraged in continuing their calls, as they expected a conversation with no additional efforts into getting their message received and understood exactly as intended.Plus, an open space never keeps a steady rhythm, as one can hardly tell whether their colleagues will themselves cater calls, calls one another or get anyhow imperative when emergency strikes. Nevertheless, even if one has their colleagues’ consideration when engaged in a phone call, etiquette -if not confidentiality- demand that we don’t provide access to any hints over the possible content of a conversation that is supposed to remain private. Tranquility inspires not only professionalism, but above all respect and consideration for both the interlocutor, as well as for one’s prospects related to the meeting. It encourages engagement, participation, and openness towards new grounds for your conversation, an asset which becomes vital during negotiations.

Privacy and focus

The acoustic Chatbox can brilliantly facilitate engagement in an open space office, providing its users a private hub in which they could conduct private phone and video calls with no interruption. Manufactured in the UK and designed for individual use, the Chatbox brings the highest technical expertise to integrate privacy into functionality, comfort and style. Its outstanding acoustic qualities come with a dB rating of 34. However, the soundproof experience is far from limited to acoustic isolation.

A booth perfectly fit for your office

Balancing two opaque walls with two full length glass sides, the booth’s ingenious architecture offers an exquisite mixture of privacy and connectivity, allowing occupants to stay connected to their team’s work while switching off from their buzz. Its black or white metal coating allows it to blend in any interior and its 1m x 1m dimensions have been particularly calculated to ensure comfort and mobility to the occupant, while not appropriating much of your office space.

A hub to regain your focus

As for the experience of using the booth for your private work, a silent ventilation system introducing fresh indoor climate will keep you cool and energised. As for the sometimes unpleasant switch of light intensity, the Chatbox welcomes you with the real thing. Powered by low consumption LED sources of 6.7W, 4000K, 900 lumens, the cabin recreates the bliss of natural light.

Now go live!

Leave all interruption-related behind, as the standard version comes with a power outlet and a generous shelf that allows you to keep your tools at reach, so you don’t have to switch off just to get an extra marker of notepad. The shelf is wide enough to accommodate a laptop and some additional gadgets, including a tablet. Expanding connectivity through a TV screen bracket, the booth can also provide the perfect set-up for video calls for which an optional whiteboard would enhance the clarity of your message while helping you keep record of all your partners’ input. If you’re looking for another extra reason to switch from a perhaps distracting sight of your office to a straight to the point cabin, the Chatbox boot benefits of echo-free finishings to make sure that no unwanted jammer could ever break your confidence and enthusiasm when doing a presentation.

The Chatbox comes with a 2year warranty.