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When someone mentions office screens, you probably think of fabric-upholstered metal boards. Wooden office screens are one of the lesser-known options, but they are no less effective than the other dividers that we stock.

In fact, wooden screens are the best option for community spaces that have fallen into the trap of being colourless and claustrophobic. These dividers create a bridge to the outdoors and separate stuffy, crowded spaces. Do you want to create separate spaces without isolating employees, students, and customers? All the wooden room divider screens in this range forgo the typical solid divider design in favour of more welcoming, inclusive panels. Our Solid Wood Premium Divider even features a planter box, which adds a hint of the outdoors to any shared space. Available in your choice of oak, beech, maple, and ash.

Wooden Room Divider Screen Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Wooden Screen Divider?

A wooden screen divider is just one of the types of room dividers that you can purchase from our online shop. True to the name, they are made from high-quality natural wood. The furnishings in this range are designed to separate spaces. They are particularly useful for large rooms. Interior designers can often feel overwhelmed by a large space, especially if they have to make it accessible and suitable for a number of different needs. Wooden office screens are an inventive solution to this problem. They bring a naturalistic element to shared spaces, which helps to create inviting atmospheres.

Benefits of Wooden Office Screens?

The benefits of buying a wooden room divider screen are wide and varied.

Lattice design - Our wood furnishings feature a lattice design that allows light to filter through. Instead of following the standard panel design, these dividers experiment with cut-outs and windows to create collaborative (yet separate) spaces.

Curved screens available - Very few standard divider ranges contain a Real Wood Curved Screen. By moving away from straight, blunt lines, this product sets an inviting tone. It is perfect for small spaces that would feel crowded with solid, straight dividers.

Naturalistic feel - Wood is far more welcoming and warm than standard room divider materials. It is well-suited to bistros, restaurants, cafes, and outdoor areas that need to be separated.

Customisation options - You can choose from options such as oak, maple, beech, and ash. Our interior designers can advise you on the benefits of each option.

Improves employee well-being - When employees feel comfortable, they perform to the best of their abilities. You can use our wooden office screens to divide busy teams, reduce noise transfer, and create calm workplaces.

Are Wooden Room Divider Screens Affordable?

In terms of affordability, wooden screen dividers sit somewhere in the middle of the scale. The materials that go into these kinds of furnishings are far more difficult to source than those that go into regular room dividers. Oak, ash, maple, and beech require extra care and consideration, which is reflected in the price point. That being said, these wooden room divider screens are designed to last a lifetime. You may have to pay for quality materials upfront, but you will not have to worry about poor craftsmanship or shoddy work.

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