Folding Display Boards

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If space is at a premium, folding display boards can revolutionise your working day. Our fold out display boards are designed to support idea-sharing in group environments. Our boards flourish in offices, schools, tradeshows, community centres, and healthcare facilities. You can pin lists, bulletins, graphs, and photos to our boards. Staff, students, and visitors can use them as meeting points to gather information and brainstorm ideas. 

One of the most popular options is our 3 Fold Display Board. It is a good choice for people who want to divide teams and improve concentration in open-plan areas. If you buy a board with more segments you can create even more detailed plans, briefs, and to-do lists. All our Notice Boards and Display Boards force harsh soundwaves to dissipate, which means that you can enjoy a calm working environment.  You can choose from folding display boards or Concertina Folding Office Screens.


Folding Display Board Frequently Asked Questions

Do Fold Out Display Boards Come With Wheels?

Some of our fold out display boards are freestanding, and others come with wheels. Freestanding boards are perfect for people who want to add a new focal-point to their space. Whilst these kinds of boards can still be stored out of sight, it is more common for them to be a permanent fixture in offices, schools, and universities. Not only do these boards act as a checkpoint to share important information, but they also divide spaces. It is not uncommon to see our Lightweight Table Top Folding Display Board permanently attached to desks. The thick, robust core acts as a barrier against disruptive sounds and helps staff focus on important deadlines.  For more flexibility, we recommend choosing a folding display board that has wheels. Our boards come with lockable castor wheels, which means that they have all the benefits of freestanding boards but with added flexibility. Once your seminar, class, or meeting is over, you can simply roll the board out of sight to conserve space and maintain the outline of your modern space. 

Where to Buy a Tri Fold Display Board?

At Panelscreens, we create bespoke furnishings for every kind of collaborative environment. Our folding display boards are in colleges, offices, health facilities, and community centres all over the UK.  All our boards have one thing in common: they are made to your specifications. Do you want a pop of colour? How about a board that blends into the background? With our bespoke service, the sky is the limit. Whether you need a 3 fold display board or a Heavy Duty 8 Fold Display Board, we have got you covered. 

Call Our Team for Tailor-Made Folding Display Boards

Call our sales team on 020 3995 4570 or email them at for more information. Once you have decided on a product, one of our designers will call you. You can take charge of the design process and tell them exactly what you want.