Furniture Installations

Our experienced fitters will arrive at a time that suits you and assemble your furniture with no hassle, no fuss, and absolutely no scratches.

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Our Furniture Installation Service

Over the last 20+ years, we have amassed a large network of experienced fitters. They can assemble anything from intricate wall baffle patterns to standard acoustic desk dividers.

Our service is designed to eliminate stress from your working day. We are here to help companies that do not have the manpower, time, or ability to assemble complicated pieces of furniture.

No Stress and No Scratches

There is nothing worse than scratching new furniture. All our panels are made with premium-quality materials, so scuffs and scratches are unlikely. However, if you do not handle them with care, you could ruin a new piece of furniture before you have had a chance to use it.

Our fitters have worked with furniture for years, so there is only a minimal chance of scratches and scuffs.

Safe Furniture Installations

When you think of furniture, you might not immediately think about safety. If you have purchased one of our heavier or more complicated pieces of furniture, you need to think about the safety implications.

Some of our most popular baffles are designed to sit flush with walls, so whoever fits them may have to hold them over their head. This presents a lot of safety concerns, but our fitters know how to handle all sorts of furniture installation dilemmas. They will arrive on your doorstep with all the equipment they need to safely assemble your furniture and move it from one room to another.

Furniture Installations Anywhere in the UK

We guarantee that we have a furniture fitter in your location. No matter where your company is based in the UK, we can send a fitter straight to your doorstep. Just contact our team, tell us your specifications, and we will arrange an installation at a time that suits you.

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