Decorative Acoustic Panels

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Acoustic decorative panels are just one of the ways that you can improve room acoustics. Decorative furnishings are made with the discerning designer in mind. They are made with high-quality sound-absorbent materials and upholstered in stylish, eye-catching fabrics that are available in a range of colours to suit every colour scheme. Acoustic panels do not have to be boring. In this range, you will find decorative acoustic wall panels, ceiling baffles, lights, and modular elements that you can arrange and rearrange to create beautiful symmetries.


Decorative Acoustic Panels Frequently Asked Questions

Do Acoustic Wall Panels Work?

Acoustic panels are proven to absorb unwanted sounds. The more obstacles that sound waves have to navigate through, the less chance that they will hit walls and become echoes. Acoustic furnishings absorb far more sound waves than non-acoustic furnishings. Professionals, students, and interior designers have been using decorative acoustic panels for walls for years. These kinds of panels are installed flush against a wall. Sound waves have to travel through the acoustic panel before they hit the wall. Some acoustic panels are so effective that they absorb harsh sounds on the surface, which means that the waves never even touch the wall.

What Kinds of Acoustic Decorative Panels Do You Sell?

The most common type of noise-dampening panel is a wall panel. You might be shocked to discover that there are many more types of decorative acoustic wall panels, including:

  • Ceiling baffles - panels that hang from the ceiling
  • Acoustic lights - lights that are upholstered in sound-absorbent materials
  • Modular panels - panels that are made of lots of separate elements

Abstracta Air-X Hanging Acoustic Panel is one of the most popular modular panels that we sell. This stylish acoustic panel is part of Abstracta Air, a revolutionary range that allows interior decorators to explore their space through different combinations of naturalistic shapes. The modules are available in packs of three and ten. You can create towering panels for maximum absorption, or simply use a few modules to target problem areas.

Who Buys Stylish Acoustic Panels?

Decorative acoustic panels prove that shared workspaces do not have to be dull and boring. Our furnishings are available in a full spectrum of colours and finishes. If you want to opt for something stylish and subdued, you can order a tailor-made deep green or black wall panel. We also cater to people who want bold pops of colour. Our customers range from community centre managers to CEOs. It is not uncommon to see our acoustic decorative panels in open-plan offices, libraries, and school rooms across the UK. Open-plan, busy spaces are especially susceptible to abrasive sounds and unbearable echoes. Decorative, sound-absorbing panels reduce harsh sounds and add an interesting aesthetic element to shared spaces.

How to Install Acoustic Panels on a Wall?

All our products come with clear, concise instructions. In most cases, acoustic panels are installed via brackets. With the right tools, it can take as little as ten minutes to install one of our decorative acoustic panels for walls.

Order Bespoke Stylish Acoustic Panels

Do you think your workspace could benefit from decorative acoustic panels? Book a one-on-one call with one of our design experts on 020 3995 4570. Alternatively, you can send an email to and outline your questions and design ideas.