Abstracta AirCone Hanging Acoustic Panels

AirCone acoustic panels is a sound absorber with a simple graphic design. The panels are assembled together using small plastic clips. These decorative acoustic panels can be hung from the ceiling or walls.

Aircone acoustic rafts are comprised of lots of sound-absorbent modules that have a simple graphic design. The panels are assembled using small plastic clips, and the end result can be suspended from ceilings or hung on walls.

Key Benefits of Aircone Suspended Acoustic Ceiling Panels

These suspended acoustic ceiling panels are very versatile. They function as both Acoustic Ceiling Panels and Acoustic Wall Panels. Libraries, study spaces, and offices all over the UK benefit from Aircone modular panels.

  • Guarantees softer soundscapes
  • Eliminates unwanted echoes
  • Eye-catching design
  • Made for disruptive environments
  • Customise each module
  • Create unique acoustic wall panels

Aircone Acoustic Ceiling Tiles Reduce Sound Transmission

Aircone hanging acoustic panels are part of the Air family. It builds on the success of the original, highly successful Airflake. Aircone features strong, distinct lines and 3D elements which create dynamic shadows. Each module is made from compression-moulded fabric that can be covered in a range of noise-dampening fabrics.

These stylish acoustic rafts form a barrier against sound waves. The modules can combine to create big or small barriers for lots of different environments. Each individual component has a tapered shape, which encourages sound waves to diffuse on impact.

Aircone Acoustic Wall Panels Uses

With Aircone suspended acoustic ceiling panels, the possibilities are endless. These acoustic rafts are unique in that they can slot together to create any number of different formations. They can also be suspended from ceiling or installed on walls with an aluminium rail.

Aircone acoustic wall panels are suitable for libraries, study spaces, and offices. We recommend Aircone noise-dampening modules for anyone who values peace and tranquillity. One set of these panels can revolutionise the soundscape in your space.

Abstracta Sky Acoustic Ceiling Panels are another go-to choice for discerning designers.

Aircone Acoustic Rafts Materials

Sound-absorbent materials are at the heart of Aircone acoustic ceiling tiles. Each module is made from compression moulded fabric and covered in felt upholstery. The modules are held together with a small plastic connector.

The hanging rail is made from aluminium.

Aircone Hanging Acoustic Panels Customisation

Aircone modules prove that hanging acoustic panels do not have to be boring. These noise-dampening panels can be configured in any number of ways. They can also be upholstered in your choice of fabric. We stock sound-absorbent Air felt, Blazer, and Divina Melange fabrics.

We cater to professionals who want modules that blend into the background. Aircone modules are available in a sliding scale of black and grey hues that are perfect for sleek, modest environments. We also upholster Aircone panels in Camira Blazer colours, which are perfect for people who want to experiment with vibrant hues.

Product Specifications

  • Install on walls or suspend from ceilings
  • Plastic connectors included
  • Aircone module is W465mm x H405mm
  • Aircone end, left & right module is W405mm x H240mm
  • Aircone module is available in packs of three and ten
  • Aircone end, left & right modules are sold in packs of five
  • Available fabrics include:
  • Air felt (price list A)
  • Blazer (price list C)
  • Divina Melange (price list E)

Buy Aircone Suspended Acoustic Ceiling Panels Today

Aircone hanging acoustic panels can be customised to suit your specifications. Our design technicians will advise you about the best hues and tones for your space. Fill in our contact form today to start the process.


Stefan Borselius




Rapidly Renewable Content, Recycled Content, EPD, HPD, Declare CDHP Emissions Compliant


100% Molded Polyester Felt Fiber


100% Polyester Felt, 100% Virgin Wool

NRC Rating



Aircone: 404mm (height) x 465mm (width) x 86mm (depth) | Aircone End: 404mm (height) x 240mm (width) x 86mm (depth)

Sold In

Aircone: Box sets of 3 or 10 (one color per box | Aircone End: Box sets of 1 right and left module pair, or 5 right and left module pairs


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Additional Information

  • Aircone End is a half-tile capable of creating a straight lines in your Aircone configuration.
  • Aircone may be mounted to the ceiling or wall with a straight rail in two lengths, 59″ or 78.75″ that can be joined or cut on site.
  • Accessories: Drop ceiling brackets to mount Aircone directly to a drop ceiling. A Wire Kit which includes (4) 118″ wires, (4) wire locks and hardware to hang the rail a distance from the ceiling. A roller is also available allowing the Aircone modules roll along the rail, used in lieu of attachment clips.
  • Aircone 10 packs are supplied with (10) modules, (10) pairs of short plastic clips, (5) 6-way plastic connectors, (5) 3-way plastic connectors and (5) 2-way plastic connectors
  • Aircone 3 packs are supplied with (3) modules, (3) pairs short plastic clips, (1) 3-way connector and (2) 2-way connectors
  • Aircone End 5 pair packs are supplied with (5) left + (5) right modules and (10) 4-way plastic connectors
  • Aircone End 1 pair packs are supplied with (1) left + (1) right module and (2) 4-way plastic connectors

PLEASE NOTE: All Blazer and other non-standard color options are only available in packs of 10

CAD Files

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