Abstracta Airleaf Hanging Acoustic Panel

Asbtractas Airleaf Hanging Acoustic Panel design has been designed to bring nature into the workspace. These sound-absorbent panels can be attached to both walls and ceilings through a discreet aluminum rail.

Abstracta Airleaf Hanging Acoustic Panel brings nature into the workspace. The sound-absorbent panels can be attached to walls and ceilings with a discreet aluminium rail.

Airleaf Acoustic Wall Panel Product Specifications

  • Acoustic rafts
  • Sound-absorbent filling
  • Anodised aluminium rail (sold separately)
  • Comes with plastic connectors
  • Packs of 3 and 10
  • W290mm x H467mm
  • Following felts available:
  • Soundfelt VF (price list A)
  • Air felt (price list B)
  • Blazer (price list C)
  • Europost (price list E)

Please note: Photographic fabric scans are not colour-accurate. We recommend requesting a fabric sample before ordering. 

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Key Benefits of Airleaf Acoustic Rafts

Acoustic Wall Panels could be just what you need to dampen harsh soundscapes and improve concentration. Airleaf modules add a hint of elegance to any environment.

  • Naturalistic shape
  • Encourages the passage of light
  • Any number of configurations
  • Acoustic furnishing

Airleaf Suspended Acoustic Ceiling Panels Reduce Sound Transmission

Airleaf acoustic rafts are part of the Air family. Stefan Borselius replicates the beautiful simplicity of nature in these sound-absorbent modules. Airleaf is a symmetrical, modular component that can be connected to other components via a simple plastic clip. The module features cutouts that allow for the passage of natural light through your office space, schoolroom, or reception area. Professionals can create separate spaces whilst preserving the welcoming nature of their workplace.

Airleaf panels contain noise-dampening materials. They are a stylish, modern alternative to traditional plain acoustic furnishings. Sounds are absorbed in the core of the material. We recommend these modules for professionals who want to reduce echoes. Customers can place and configure Airleaf suspended acoustic ceiling panels in spaces that create harsh sounds.

Abstracta Airbloom Hanging Acoustic Panels and Airflake Hanging Acoustic Panels are also part of the Air family.

Airleaf Sound-Absorbent Raft Uses

With modular acoustic ceiling tiles, the sky is the limit. Modern professionals love the Air range because it opens up a world of opportunities. The modules are W290mm x H467mm and are connected with simple plastic clips. There has never been a more hassle-free way to create unique combinations. Customers can create a single line of panels or an entire wall of stylish, effective acoustic rafts.

Sound-absorbent panels are perfect for professionals who want to get the most out of their workspaces. Harsh sounds are a reality of modern workspaces. Once panels are installed, the results can be drastic. We recommend this range for students and employees who want to enjoy unbroken concentration and focus.

Hanging Acoustic Panels are perfect for environments that do not have much floor space to spare.

Airleaf Noise-Dampening Raft Materials

Airleaf acoustic wall panels are made from moulded felt. The core is filled with noise-dampening materials. The external surface is comprised of felt-laminated moulded fibre felt.

The Air family is environmentally-friendly. There are no air, water, or soil by-products produced during the manufacturing process. The process mirrors the naturalistic design.

Plastic linking equipment can be used to combine the modules.

Airleaf Acoustic Wall Panels Customisation

Stefan Borselius created Air acoustic furnishings with customers in mind. All the furnishings can be customised to suit different environments. Airleaf suspended acoustic ceiling panels are no exception. Our customers can choose from a range of felt options, including popular choices such as Soundfelt VF, Air felt, Blazer, and Europost.

Customers can choose colours that reflect hues and tones that are found in nature. Moss greens, rustic mustards, and russet reds are just a few of the colours on offer. People who prefer elegant acoustic ceiling tiles should opt for Soundfelt VF, which contains black, dark grey, grey, and white colour options.

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