Acoustic Wall Panels

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Acoustic wall panels are a cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing way to absorb sound. These are ideal for use in meeting rooms, private offices and small to medium-sized rooms. If you have a bigger space, acoustic wall panels like the Abstracta Scala XL wall panel are ideal. They have been designed for use in large auditoriums.We recommend that when using acoustic wall panels in large spaces such as halls, restaurants or theatres they are combined with acoustic ceiling panels.

Used alongside the square sound-absorbing ceiling panels will mean that you will be able to absorb sound from the front to the back of the space. The overall impact of using these acoustic panels is a lowering in background noise.

Our acoustic wall panels are available in a range of designs including our quirky but environmentally friendly evergreen acoustic moss wall panelWe also have acoustic wall panels available in a range of shapes and colours like the hexagon acoustic wall panels

What is an Acoustic Wall Panel?

Acoustic wall panels consist of a sound absorbent core, which can be made up of foam, wool or fibreboard and a wood panel covered in acoustic fabric. Acoustic wall panels or tiles come in a variety of shapes (cloud, hexagonal, square or circular) and are used on walls to help remove excess noise.

How do Acoustic Wall Panels Work?

Acoustic wall panels are used to provide reverberation control where they are installed. They do this through sound absorption.

How to put acoustic panels on the wall?

Acoustic wall panels can be installed in a variety of ways depending on which acoustic panel you buy. Most types of acoustic wall panels will be directly mounted to the wall using clips or wall brackets. All of the acoustic wall panels will sell come with installation information and if you need more information or are not sure if these will work with your wall surfaces just get in touch.


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