Abstracta Domo Acoustic Wall Panel

Abstracta Domo Acoustic Wall Panel will improve your workplace acoustics, by both diffusing and absorbing sound waves. These acoustic panels are upholstered in Camira Blazer fabric.

Abstracta Domo Acoustic Wall Panel improves workplace acoustics by absorbing and diffusing sound waves. These acoustic wall baffles are upholstered in Camira Blazer fabric.

Domo Noise-Dampening Panel Product Specifications

  • Acoustic wall baffles
  • Noise-dampening core
  • Bevelled edges
  • Brackets included
  • Hidden brackets
  • Three sizes available
  • Small square: W600mm x H600mm x D34mm
  • Large square: W1200mm x H1200mm x D34mm
  • Rectangle: W600mm x H1200mm x D34mm
  • Upholstered in Camira Blazer fabrics
  • Following fabrics available:
  • Dox (price list A)
  • Cara (price list B)
  • Blazer (price list C)
  • Synergy (price list D)
  • Crisscross (price list E)

Please note: Photographic fabric scans are not colour-accurate. We recommend requesting a fabric sample before ordering. 

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Key Benefits of Domo Acoustic Wall Baffles

Domo decorative acoustic panels could be just what you need to soften your soundscape and meet important deadlines.

  • Designed by Stefan Borselius
  • Upholstered in Camira Blazer fabric
  • Minimalist and stylish
  • Made for loud office environments
  • Forces unwanted sounds to dissipate

Domo Soundproofing Baffles Reduce Sound Transmission

Minimalism and subtlety are at the heart of Stefan Borselius’ Domo range. Domo acoustic wall panels are available in square and rectangle formats and can be hung horizontally or vertically via hidden brackets. This modular design encourages professionals to experiment with style and form. Once combined, these sound-absorbent panels reveal the purpose behind Stefan’s design principles. A dynamic interplay between light and shadows emerges from the bevelled edges on each module.

With Domo acoustic wall baffles, it has never been easier to soften soundscapes. Simply install the panels in whichever configuration suits your space, and allow the soundproofing qualities to take action. Sound waves are absorbed on the surface and dissipate throughout the hardy, noise-dampening core.

Customers also purchase Domo Acoustic Office Divider and Domo Acoustic Desk Divider.

Domo Decorative Acoustic Panels Uses

Modern offices are springboards for ambitious professionals. As opportunity flows, so does sound. The hubbub of the average office can be too much to bear for busy professionals who need to meet deadlines and hit quotas. Domo noise-cancelling panels are the perfect solution for harsh soundscapes.

More and more professionals are making the switch from standing acoustic panels to acoustic wall baffles. Sound-absorbent wall fixtures are the go-to choice for workplaces that suffer from echoes. Wall-mounted noise-dampening fittings capture sound waves before they can bounce and become distracting noises.

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Domo Sound-Absorbent Panels Materials

Like all the noise-cancelling furnishings in the Domo range, these decorative acoustic panels are made with high-quality materials. The core is made from soundproofing material which forces sound waves to dissipate. This core is upholstered with Camira Blazer fabric, which bolsters Domo’s already excellent sound-absorbent qualities.

The hidden brackets are made from metal.

Domo Noise-Dampening Wall Panel Customisation

Domo acoustic wall panels are available in three sizes. Customers can choose from two squares and a rectangular module. All Domo acoustic wall panels are upholstered in Camira Blazer fabrics.

Dox, Cara, Blazer, Synergy, and Crisscross are just a few of the fabrics that we stock. Dox is suitable for professionals who want unobtrusive, sleek modules in black, dark grey, and light grey. Synergy is better suited to customers who want to make the most of their Domo decorative acoustic panels. There is everything from light blue to deep purple and even burnt orange in this versatile collection.

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