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Abstracta is a leading manufacturer of furnishings that respond to modern problems in professional soundscapes. Acoustic desk divider screens are one of the latest, most innovative solutions to the problem of unwanted noise. Abstracta acoustic desk dividers are a result of years of research and experimentation in the world of soundproofing.


Each divider is made with tried and tested noise-reducing materials and finished to a high standard. Softline 30 Table Acoustic Desk Partition is one of the most popular dividers that we sell. The uncompromising quality exudes a simple elegance that is sure to blend into any professional space. Aesthetic appeal aside, Abstracta acoustic desk dividers are functional and effective. From the moment of installation, they create individual areas for busy supervisors, employees, and students. When space is at a premium, desk divider screens save the day. Simply clamp or stand the divider on top of your desk and reap the benefits.

Abstratcta Acoustic Desk Screens Frequently Asked Questions

What Is An Acoustic Privacy Desk Screen Divider?

If you are interested in the world of acoustics, you will have heard of acoustic privacy desk screens. In simple terms, these kinds of screens act as a barrier between colleagues and their peers. They are designed for installation on the horizontal length of desks, meaning they block the most distracting sound waves. Most of the dividers in the Abstracta range are adjustable. These acoustic desk dividers can sit at eye level or be adjusted to encourage or discourage collaboration between colleagues. Domo Table Acoustic Desk Partition has matching dividers that fit along the width of desks. When deadlines are imminent, you can create private alcoves for individual members of your team. These U-shaped nooks are the best option for people who want true quiet and concentration in shared spaces.

Why Should I Choose An Acoustic Desk Divider Over a Panel?

Desk dividers are not better than panels, they are just better suited to different environments. Many professionals use panels in conjunction with acoustic desk divider screens. The screens absorb unwanted sound waves between colleagues at eye level, and the panels absorb sound waves before they can echo and reverberate around the room. Co-working spaces might seem like the next best thing, but the reality is far from it. In open-plan co-working offices, colleagues feel as if they have no space to think. Every area is a potential hotspot for communication, which disrupts the flow of work. Abstracta acoustic privacy desk dividers sit at just the right height to provide workers with a safe, quiet space to meet deadlines. Still not sure? Browse through our Abstracta office screens.

Who Needs Desk Acoustic Dividers?

Offices, reception areas, study halls, and other collaborative spaces all benefit from sound-absorbing desk divider screens. For many, noise-reducing furnishings are a must. Otherwise, the hubbub of busy modern environments would be too overwhelming. Meetings, brainstorming sessions, and interviews might all seem like signs of success, but they can have a detrimental impact on your existing workforce. With Abstracta desk screens, you can create tranquil, enjoyable spaces for employees.

Are Freestanding Acoustic Desk Dividers Affordable?

Abstracta heads the leaderboard for affordable, high-quality acoustic furnishings. Professionals from all industries love Abstracta because it offers a sliding scale of products that suit every budget. You can opt for an affordable Softline 30 Acoustic Desk Partition or splash out on a Scala Mobile Acoustic Desk Partition. Scala is one of Abstracta’s most elegant creations. Anya Sebton is the principal designer behind Scala, which she based on the simple functionality of corrugated iron. Scala freestanding acoustic desk divider is available in three sizes and several stylish colours. The stand-alone design is perfect for people who want agile, versatile pieces.

Customise Your Acoustic Lighting Rafts

At Panelscreens, we create bespoke furnishings. Each acoustic privacy screen divider can be customised to match your specifications. We even have a team of interior designers who can advise you on the benefits of each option. Email info@panelscreens.co.uk or call us to start designing your divider.