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Abstracta is one of the most innovative creators of acoustic office screens. This brand partners with all kinds of designers to reimagine acoustic furnishings. When you choose Abstracta, you can expect softer soundscapes and original outlines. Abstracta panels are manufactured with high-quality materials and upholstered in a range of fabrics to suit every professional space. Abstracta acoustic screens come in lots of shapes and sizes. You can choose from Abstracta freestanding screens, hanging panels, and individual modules. The Air range includes Airleaf, Airbloom, and Airflake. The concept is based on the beautiful symmetries of nature, and the individual units allow you to create your own eye-catching, noise-dampening configurations.


Abstracta Screens Frequently Asked Questions

What Kinds of Abstracta Acoustic Screens Do You Sell?

You may have heard of Stitch, Soneo, and Alumi. These are just a few of the ranges that Abstracta produces. This manufacturer focuses on three main types of acoustic office furnishings.

  • Abstracta freestanding screens - Standalone screens are ideal for open-plan environments. Schools, offices, and community centres all over the UK benefit from freestanding panels. They can be moved in and out of rooms when necessary, which makes them perfect for multipurpose spaces.
  • Abstracta hanging screens - Hanging screens are suspended from the ceiling. These kinds of screens benefit rooms that have high ceilings. They act as a barrier against sound waves that would otherwise travel through the air unobstructed.
  • Abstracta modules - Some Abstracta panels come in individual modules. Modules are ideal for people who want to create dynamic displays. They can be purchased in packs of three and ten. You can order the exact amount of units you need and create displays that are tailored to your space.

Browse through our range of Abstracta acoustic desk dividers for more options that suit your space. Softline 30 Acoustic Desk Partition is the perfect option for people who want simple, modest desk separators.

What Is the Abstracta Air Range?

Abstracta partnered with Stefan Borselius to create the Air range. These Abstracta panels are made from individual modules of fabric-covered moulded fiber felt. Like all Abstracta products, the modules have noise-dampening qualities. The modules create synergy between separate spaces. Abstracta Airflake decorative panels  features cut-outs that allow light to shine through. The hexagon-shaped modules can be installed on either ceilings or walls. For a more naturalistic shape, why not opt for Abstracta Airfleaf hanging panels?

Who Needs Abstracta Freestanding Screens?

Abstracta acoustic screens are suitable for any collaborative environment. They are especially useful for open-plan spaces that have high ceilings. Abstracta furnishings are the best of both worlds. They combine sound-absorbent fabrics with aesthetic finishes. Interior designers love Abstracta because it produces unusual, eye-catching shapes.

Customise Abstracta Panels

Whether you want Soneo or Scala Abstracta acoustic screens, we can customise your creation. We offer our customers one-on-one design meetings where they can iron out any concerns. Our designers can even recommend Abstracta screens for your space. Give us a call at 020 3995 4570 or email info@panelscreens.co.uk to start designing your office furnishings.