Chubby Glass Top Acoustic Office Divider

The Chubby Glass acoustic screen's 88mm thickness makes it an excellent sound barrier, by reducing noise by up to 15db! The Chubby Glass screen comes with an additional glass screen topper to provide an added layer of protection in the workplace.
£1366.20 ex. VAT
£1,639.44 inc. VAT

Chubby Glass Acoustic Office Divider has an unusually robust core. Each divider is 88mm thick and contains acoustic materials that guarantee noise reduction of up to 15 dB.

Chubby Glass Acoustic Office Screen Product Specifications

  • Lightweight anodized metal frame
  • Buy adjustable feet separately
  • Sound-absorbing core
  • Glass partition is 400mm tall
  • Widths: 1200mm - 2400mm
  • Height: 1830mm (including glass partition)
  • Following fabrics available:
  • Salsa (price list A)
  • Lucia (price list B)
  • Racer (price list C)
  • Synergy 170 (price list D)
  • Europost (price list E)

Please note: Photographic fabric scans are not colour-accurate. We recommend requesting a fabric sample before ordering. 

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Key Benefits of Chubby Glass Acoustic Separators

Chubby Glass floor-standing acoustic screens are perfect for people who value privacy. The glass separator is an added bonus for professionals who want softer soundscapes.

  • Glass separator for added privacy
  • Link together to create desk alcoves
  • Reduces noises by up to 15 dB
  • Made for open-plan offices
  • Combats disruptive soundscapes

Chubby Glass Acoustic Office Screens Reduce Sound Transmission

Glass Chubby noise dampening dividers build on the success of the original Chubby Acoustic Office Divider. This version has all the benefits of the original board but also comes with a glass modesty partition. The partition is 400mm tall. It guarantees a modicum of privacy in open-plan office environments.

Chubby acoustic separators are the ultimate choice for professionals who want effective solutions. Each board is 88mm thick, meaning they are at least 30mm thicker than the other Premium Acoustic Office Screens that we stock. Sound waves are absorbed on the surface of the board. Stubborn sound vibrations dissipate throughout. The unusual 88mm thickness proves to be a stubborn barrier against unwanted sounds.

Chubby Glass Floor-Standing Acoustic Screens Uses

Chubby floor-standing acoustic screens are at home in any number of professional environments. Study spaces, libraries, and offices all over the UK benefit from the acoustic properties inside each board. Chubby dividers can reduce noise levels by as much as 15 dB, which makes them perfect for anyone who values peace and quiet.

Most of our customers combine Chubby Glass acoustic office dividers to create alcoves for desks. Four dividers can combine in a cross formation to create enough space for four desks. The transparent glass partition provides extra privacy without blocking the borders of communication.

Chubby Glass Noise Dampening Dividers Materials

For sleek, functional dividers, look no further than Chubby Glass acoustic separators. They are made from simple yet effective materials. Each screen is mounted on an anodized aluminium frame. Anodized aluminium is sturdy and lightweight, which means that the screens are mobile.

Noise dampening materials are at the heart of Chubby Glass screens. A glass modesty partition sits on top of the divider and increases the height by 400mm.

Chubby Glass Sound-Absorbing Divider Customisation

With our range of fabric upholstery options, it has never been easier to create a personalised piece. Dividers do not have to be dull and lifeless. We stock a range of premium-quality fabrics for people who want to imbue life into their Chubby Glass acoustic office screens.

We stock over 30 different fabrics for Chubby floor-standing acoustic screens. Salsa, Lucia, Racer, Synergy 170, and Europost are just a few of the fabrics on offer. Chubby boards can blend into the background in sleek reception areas, modern open-plan offices, and hushed libraries.

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