Kielder Acoustic Office Divider

Kielder acoustic office dividers will improve the soundscape of any space. The Kielder freestanding acoustic screens are inspired by woodland landscape & are available in 4 autumnal colours.

Kielder Acoustic Office Dividers improve soundscapes. They are inspired by the beautiful simplicity of woodland landscapes and are available in four autumnal colours.

Kielder Sound-Absorbing Separator Product Specifications

  • Noise-dampening filling
  • Lightweight panel
  • Oakwood base
  • Base thickness: 290mm
  • Width: 990mm
  • Heights: 1260mm, 1660mm
  • Thickness: 40mm
  • Following colours available:
  • Autumn Yellow
  • Maple Leaf
  • Grass Green
  • Forest Green

Please note: Photographic fabric scans are not colour-accurate. We recommend requesting a fabric sample before ordering. 

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Key Benefits of Kielder Acoustic Office Screens

Blur the lines between indoors and outdoors with these naturalistic dividers. Kielder dividers are imbued with vibrant woodland colours that are reminiscent of autumn. It is an alternative to traditional Freestanding Acoustic Screens.

  • Absorbs unwanted sounds
  • Naturalistic shape
  • Replicate forests
  • Customise with woodland colours
  • Soften soundscapes

Kielder Floor-Standing Acoustic Screens Reduce Sound Transmission

Kielder specialises in creating naturalistic furnishings that deliver unparalleled noise-dampening qualities. Kielder acoustic office dividers mirror the shape of trees. Once the dividers are placed together, the outline of a forest emerges. Professionals can purchase these acoustic office screens in a range of woodland and russet colours to create their own naturalistic landscape.

These lightweight floor-standing acoustic screens contain sound-absorbing cores. Harsh sounds are absorbed on the surface and dissipate throughout the divider. Ambient noise is immediately reduced. Employees, students, and professionals can focus on their deadlines and complete tasks with ease. With Kielder dividers, professionals can wave goodbye to harsh soundscapes.

Kielder Acoustic Separator Uses

Kielder acoustic separators are floor-standing. They feature a beautiful warm oak frame which adds to the naturalistic style. The support beams are visible within the body of the divider, which creates the appearance of an autumnal tree. These noise-dampening dividers are perfect for professionals who want alternatives to boring, bland dividers.

Customers can choose from two heights: 1260mm and 1660mm. The shorter divider separates teams whilst still encouraging a collaborative environment. In contrast, the tall divider can be used to create private alcoves for individual study and group meetings.

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Kielder Noise-Dampening Separator Materials

Professionals all over the UK depend on Kielder for high-quality materials. These acoustic office dividers are made to last. A sturdy oak base holds the divider in place. The core of the divider is made from sound-absorbing materials. The core is upholstered in premium-quality fabrics.

Kielder Sound-Absorbing Separator Customisation

Kielder acoustic office screens can be customised to suit a range of environments. In keeping with the naturalistic theme, Kielder floor-standing acoustic screens can be upholstered in woodland colours. We stock Autumn Yellow, Maple Leaf, Grass Green, and Forest Green upholstery options.

Our customers can choose from two heights. We recommend a combination of 1260mm and 1600mm acoustic separators for people who want to create sturdy acoustic barriers. If the dividers are purchased in a range of colours, the result will look like a forest transitioning between the seasons.

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Please note there is a Minimum order quantity of 4 units per order per order.