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If you have already invested in desk divider screens, desk divider accessories are the next logical step. Accessories accentuate the natural advantages of screens. We sell a wide selection of accessories that range from practical 4-way Linking Junction Posts to essential Desk Screen Brackets. No matter which desk screens you have, you can boost your productivity and explore new avenues with desk screen accessories. Our accessories are a helpful addition to any office, school, community centre, or shared space. They slot seamlessly into place amidst the hubbub of busy offices. In most cases, our accessories disappear from sight entirely, but their usefulness is plain to see.


Desk Mounted Screen Accessories Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Desk Divider Screens?

Desk divider screens are screens that are specifically made for installation on desks. These screens typically have acoustic qualities in the form of noise-dampening stuffing or upholstery. They are a reaction to the modern, open-plan spaces that began emerging decades ago. Desk dividers are installed onto desks via brackets. They act as a barrier between individuals who want to focus on their deadlines. Most barriers sit at the perfect height to absorb and block sounds that travel between problem areas, i.e. at face height.

Who Needs Desk Divider Screen Accessories?

Anyone who has desk dividers should consider purchasing desk divider screen accessories. Some of our accessories are essential, whereas others are designed for people who want to maximise their potential. Most dividers come with brackets, but others do not. In this case, you have to purchase individual brackets to secure your dividers. The majority of brackets are adjustable, which means that they can accommodate any type of desk. We recommend adjustable brackets for environments that have lots of different types of furniture and workspaces. Professionals do not just buy desk mounted screen accessories for installation purposes. Our Universal Guard Desk Screen is a very popular accessory, especially among people who care about social distancing. This 4mm thick safety glass is installed on top of existing desk dividers. It creates an extra barrier between busy workers, students, and visitors.

Do You Sell 4-Way Desk Screen Accessories?

The most popular desk divider accessories are linking tools. Professionals all over the UK contact us for our 3 to 4 Way Linking Junction Post. It stands at the junction where four separate desk dividers meet and provides a strong, stable base for all of them. This post will stop your desk dividers from moving, shaking, and migrating.

Invest In Desk Screen Accessories Today

Complete your desk screens with desk screen accessories today. With our premium delivery service, it has never been easier to get all your office essentials in one place. If you are unsure about any of our products, reach out via or 020 3995 4570.