Acoustic Lighting

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Our range of acoustic lighting will not only add to your interiors designs look and feel - it will help improve productivity, through improving the visibility and reducing excessive background noise. 

Acoustic lighting is a great way to combine functionality and design into any offices, restaurant or co-working space. 

Acoustic Lighting Frequently Asked Questions

Does Light Absorb Sound?

It is a common misconception that light absorbs sound. Light does not alter sound waves, which means that a standard light fixture will not reduce the harshness of background noise. The only way to combat loud sounds and echoes is to invest in acoustic lighting.

What Is Acoustic Lighting?

Acoustic lights are made up of a lighting unit which is then surrounded by acoustic materials such as moulded felt. This innovative acoustic product range is ideal for its noise dampening qualities whilst providing an additional function of visually enhancing the environment they are installed. This make them great for shared workbenches and open plan offices.

Sound-absorbing lights are just one alternative to acoustic wall panels, which are far more well-known and widely used. To create this kind of furnishing, we take a light fixture and surround it in a casing. The casing is typically comprised of moulded felt that is upholstered in noise-dampening materials.

By switching your normal light fixture for a sound-absorbing light fixture, you can revolutionise quiet workspaces. Professionals and students find it much easier to get their work done when this multi-functional furnishing is absorbing unwanted sound waves above them.

Do You Sell Acoustic Baffle Lighting?

Yes! Abstracta Trumpet Acoustic Light is a good example of acoustic baffle lighting. Ceiling baffles are any panels that are suspended vertically from the ceiling. This kind of panel is designed to maximise the surface area of the sound-absorbent materials. They are especially useful in open-plan office spaces, which often have high ceilings. When there is lots of space between furnishings and the ceiling, sound waves have ample room to move through the air and cause chaos. Baffles absorb sound waves before they have the opportunity to bounce off walls and create distracting, unwanted noises.

Who Needs Sound-Absorbing Light Fixtures?

Sound-absorbing lights are perfect for anyone who wants to kill two birds with one stone. Our lights combat harsh soundscapes at the same time as they illuminate important areas. We recommend hanging acoustic baffle lighting above desks, study spaces, and workbenches. Our baffles are an essential part of shared spaces all over the UK. The high-quality, noise-dampening materials give staff and students the ability to focus on their projects and complete important deadlines.

Can Acoustic Lighting Be Stylish?

At Panelscreens, we specialise in bespoke furnishings that catch the eye. Our bespoke service is two-fold: first, you choose from a wide selection of sound-absorbing light fixtures, and second, you choose from a range of upholstery materials and colours.

For stylish acoustic lighting, we recommend Abstracta Holly Acoustic Light. This furnishing functions as a light, an acoustic barrier, and a talking point. It is comprised of four light globes and six absorbing globes in either a vertical or horizontal formation. You can even request an option that comes with ten absorbing globes for maximum noise absorption.

Tailor Acoustic Lighting to Your Space

One of our experienced designers can help you create a finished piece that blends into the background or provokes conversation. When you choose our bespoke service, the sky is the limit.

For more information regarding acoustic lighting and which solution is right for you, our sales team can be reached on 020 3995 4570 email us at