Abstracta Holly Acoustic Light

Abstracta Holly acoustic ceiling light fixtures are available in two versions. Horizontal is ideal for restaurants, bars, and offices. Vertical is better suited to lobbies and other spaces that have high ceilings.
RRP MSRP: £2299.00 £2048.48 ex. VAT
£2,458.18 inc. VAT

Abstracta Holly Light Product Specifications

  • Available with or without lighting
  • Acoustic core
  • Horizontal or vertical
  • Installation apparatus included
  • Vertical: 4 light globes & 6 absorbing globes (W540mm x H1015mm x D585mm)
  • Horizontal: 4 light globes & 6 absorbing globes (W1052mm x H585mm x D540mm)
  • Holly fabric (price list A)

Please note: Photographic fabric scans are not colour-accurate. We recommend requesting a fabric sample before ordering. 

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Key Benefits of Abstracta Holly Acoustic Lighting

For effective acoustic lights that are sure to stand out, look no further than Abstracta Holly lighting. The unique design and high-quality materials combine to make eye-catching Acoustic Furniture.

  • Ideal for open-plan spaces
  • Made for high ceilings
  • Order with or without lighting
  • Combats abrasive soundscapes

Holly Acoustic Ceiling Light Reduce Sound Transmission

Hallgeir Homstvedt and Runa Klock designed Holly acoustic ceiling light fixtures to combat the cookie-cutter acoustic designs that dominate the market. Drawing on the Moon and the Sun for inspiration, this pair of acclaimed designers created acoustic lighting that is visually striking. It is often described as a sculpture rather than just a sound absorbent furnishing.

Holly lighting has excellent acoustic qualities, which makes it perfect for professionals who want to soften soundscapes. Busy modern offices and reception areas often suffer from loud or abrasive soundscapes. By investing in Holly lighting, professionals can improve their room acoustics and concentration.

Abstracta Trumpet Acoustic Light and Abstracta Lily Acoustic Light are also popular choices for professionals who want elegant office furnishings.

Acoustic Ceiling Light Fixture Uses

Holly acoustic light is available in two versions. Customers can order a horizontal light which can be installed over large tables in communal spaces. We also stock a vertical light which is ideal for large, open-plan office spaces and reception areas that have high ceilings. Holly has acoustic qualities that can combat echoes in open-plan spaces.

Customers can even request Abstracta Holly furnishings without lighting. This version has even better acoustic properties. We recommend this option for people who want to focus on room acoustics above all else. Both versions seamlessly slot into elegant, sleek environments.

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Holly Sound Absorbent Materials

Style and functionality are at the heart of Holly acoustic lights. These sound absorbent fixtures are made from simple, aesthetically pleasing materials. The core is made from noise dampening materials that are approved for use on acoustic furnishings. Each globe is upholstered in Holly fabric.

The hanging apparatus is included with each lighting fixture.

Holly Acoustic Light Customisation

Homstvedt and Klock designed Holly acoustic ceiling light fixtures with neutral colours in mind. Our customers can choose from three different Holly fabric colours. Black, nude, and dark nude combine with the Sun and Moon design to create eye-catching focal furnishings.

Customers can also choose whether they want horizontal or vertical acoustic lighting. Horizontal fixtures are better suited for installation above desks and meeting spaces. We also sell Holly lighting that focuses entirely on room acoustics. This version does not contain lighting and is comprised entirely of ten globes.

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