Office Phone Booths

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Office phone booths are part of our acoustic office pods & booths furniture range. The office phone booth has surged in popularity due to their size, flexibility in where they can be positioned in a space and their sound absorption qualities.

We have several office phone booths such as our plenty pod mobile privacy booth which is available not only as a mobile privacy booth but as a module privacy booth which can be used for calls and video conferencing.  The privacy booths including the Ozone privacy booth have been designed to encourage users to make and take calls away from their work areas. This is not only to ensure that potential clients don’t get distracted by background noise when users are calling, but also to help decrease the negative impact on co-workers of excessive noise and distractions when they are working at their desks.

If you would like to get a quote or have any other questions regarding our office phone booths please call us to speak to one of our sales team 020 3995 4570 or email us at