PoppinPod Om Stand | Private Soundproof Booths | Modular Built-in Office Furniture

£4559.82 ex. VAT
£5,471.78 inc. VAT

Disconnect from your team’s buzz and reconnect to your inspiration with the PoppinPod Om Stand acoustic booth designed for office privacy.

The PoppinPod Om Stand upcycles PET lining an ISO 10534-2 tested acoustic coating with an average sound absorbing performance of 35 dB. The sustainable concept behind the pod also integrates a motion-activated light and fan for top energy efficiency.

With 1 power outlet, 2 USB, and an Ethernet port, the PoppinPod Om Stand can help you regain your focus for individual work as the quiet refuge you never expected to complement your busy office.

The 39.37"W x 35.04"D x 83.23"H built-in modular booth can be easily adapted in any interior, whereas the roller-based system allows relocation to any corner of your office. However, a smooth access to the door adds another 33" to the overall depth. Attaining the optimal ventilation within the cabin requires placing every booth at a 4-6" distance from other furniture elements and at another 9" from the ceiling.

Available in Black and White, the booth can highlight any pattern through custom decals.

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