Acoustic office meeting pod room booth for additional soundproof space in your open work environment

Estimated Delivery 4-6 weeks delivery AVAILABLE FOR FREE DELIVERY

Complement your business meetings with privacy and comfort, while having your guests inspired by your team’s buzz.



Efficient sensor-activated energy;

Ultra quiet fans fixed on the outer roof ensure room ventilation through discrete air inlets adjusted behind the sofas;

Smart soundproof isolation constructed of recycled PET;



Built-in powerbox to accommodate multi-devise sessions while securing cables;

An AI-powered Jabra PanaCast 180° video conferencing camera;



A fully equipped mobile whiteboard adjusted to allow access to all participants within your meetings;

Accessory rails welcoming shelves and hooks for a smart use of your newly acquired office space;


Full mobility: 

Flexible modular architecture which can be easily laid out throughout your office and even disposed to new locations.

Instant stress-free set-up that requires no permits or contractors.