Room Acoustic Open Meeting Pod

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A three-paned glass door turns your pre-fab additional office space into a new focus haven for brainstorming sessions and private meetings;

An ultra-quiet ventilation system delivering an outstanding air charge rate of only 67 seconds;

Built-in responsive lighting for an inspiring ambiance exquisitely tailored to the purpose of each meeting;

Access to the Room Sense portal where users can find insights on space utilization and density; 



Boost corporate synergies by real time video conferencing* through the built-in monitor and 180-degree camera, available on the pro package.

Exhaustive power, ethernet and connectivity plug-ins** to keep your inspiration uninterrupted; 

Built-in powerbox discretely securing and concealing cables and plug-ins; 



Catch your ideas at speed on a fully equipped mobile whiteboard which can be accessed by all those joining in your brainstorming sessions.

Shelves and hook rails to welcome every meeting with the essential materials at hand;



Modular architecture 100% engineered out of upcycled plastic bottles

Smart sensor-activated energy for an optimal use of resources;



Permit-free on-site installation which allows repositioning your new room all around your office and even having it displaced to a completely different location.



Compatible with Microsoft Teams, Zoom and all the top video and audio conferencing solutions;



Power: 3 AC outlets, two USB-A ports and one USB-C port

Ethernet: 2 CAT6 data ports 

Monitor Connection: 1 HDMI port 

Camera Connection: 1 USB-A port