Zen XL Acoustic Pod

The Zen acoustic pods have been designed as spaces for creativity & dialogue. Zen acoustic pods are ideal for 1 to 2 people & dampen the sound by 31 dB. Additional extras include furniture & LCD 43’’ display, Bose Videobar™ VB1 conferencing device.
£20858.48 ex. VAT
£25,030.18 inc. VAT

Zen XL Acoustic Pods dampen harsh soundscapes by 31 dB. XL can be supplied bare, or with a combination of chairs, tables, LCD 55’’ displays, with Bose Videobar™ VB1 conferencing devices.

Zen XL Acoustic Pod Product Specifications

  • Made for up to five people
  • Ventilation feature
  • Bose Videobar™ VB1 conferencing device sold separately
  • LCD 55’’ display sold separately
  • Power sockets built-in (230V)
  • Sound-absorbent core
  • Shallow angle lighting
  • Black Essential acoustic pods
  • Beige Advanced acoustic pods
  • Zen XL: W2320mm x H2320mm x D2310mm
  • Upholstered in Focus Melange

Please note: Photographic fabric scans are not colour-accurate. We recommend requesting a fabric sample before ordering. 

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Key Benefits of Zen XL Acoustic Office Pods

Invite zen into your workspace with Staffan Holm’s stylish, sleek acoustic office pods. Zen is one of the most popular Office Phone Booths that we stock.

  • Ideal for up to five inhabitants
  • Welcoming, Japanese-inspired design
  • Absorbs sound waves on the surface
  • High-quality, long-lasting materials
  • Perfect for impromptu meetings

Zen XL Acoustic Booth Seating Reduce Sound Transmission

Staffan Holm is the creative brain behind Zen XL privacy booths. The Zen range contains three sizes that accommodate different needs. Phone booths are suitable for one person, medium pods are perfect for small groups, and XL meeting pods are designed for large discussions. Japanese accents blend beautifully with minimalist design principles to create pods that promote zen.

Zen acoustic pods are created with noise-dampening materials. Each pod features two glass walls and two upholstered walls. The walls are upholstered in Focus Melange fabric, which has excellent acoustic qualities. Both the inhabitant of the pod and their peers can benefit from this feature. Zen XL pods create soft soundscapes.

Zen Office Phone Booth and Zen Acoustic Office Pods complete the Zen range.

Zen XL Privacy Booth Uses

Acoustic booth seating is perfect for professionals who want a moment of privacy in an otherwise busy day. They can slot into an alcove, or take centre stage next to a row of desks. No matter where Zen pods are placed, the acoustic properties protect the inhabitant from unwanted sounds.

Zen pods are made for meetings. Professionals can connect with their international counterparts, conduct interviews, and meet important deadlines. Privacy booths can fulfil a number of functions in busy office spaces. Libraries, study spaces, and offices all over the UK invest in Zen pods to improve concentration and focus.

Acoustic Pods absorb sound waves and soften soundscapes.

Zen XL Meeting Pods Materials

Zen XL pods are comprised of a blend of complementary materials. Wood, glass, aluminium, wool, and steel combine to create welcoming, sturdy acoustic seating pods.

Designer Staffan Holm chose sound-absorbent materials to support softer soundscapes in the workplace. Two of the walls are filled with noise-dampening materials, and two of the walls are made from glass. This juxtaposition creates meeting pods that are both welcoming and private.

Zen XL Acoustic Seating Pods Customisation

Zen acoustic booth seating features two upholstered walls. The walls are upholstered in Focus Melange, a fabric that is known for its acoustic properties. Customers can choose from six Focus Melange fabrics which range from greys to greens.

These acoustic pods are unique in that they come in two versions. The Essential version comes in a sleek black finish. We recommend Zen Essential pods for professionals who want unobtrusive pods that blend into the background. Zen Advanced acoustic office pods are beige, and perfect for people who want calming, welcoming spaces in their offices.

Essential & Advanced Small: W1200mm x H1200mm x D2310mm

Essential & Advanced Medium: W1200mm x H2320mm x D2310mm

Essential & Advanced Large: W2320mm x H2320mm x D2310mm

Buy Zen XL Acoustic Pods Today

Zen XL acoustic seating pods are available for purchase today. At Panelscreens, we create bespoke furnishing for professionals. We employ experienced design technicians who can advise you about colours, placements, and other customisation options. Reach out to us via our online form.