Abstracta Scala XL Acoustic Wall Panel

Abstracta Scala XL acoustic wall panels will improve the soundscape in large and noisy spaces. The material and uniqueness of the Scala XL wall panels design combine to create a powerful sound-absorbing effect.

Abstracta Scala XL acoustic wall panels improve soundscapes in large and noisy spaces. Unique design features and premium acoustic materials combine to create a powerful sound-absorbing effect.

Abstracta Scala XL Wall Product Specifications

  • 100% polyester soundproofing
  • Metal fittings included
  • Convex width: 1150mm
  • Convex heights: 1600mm, 2300mm
  • Concave widths: 850mm, 1002mm, 1150mm
  • Concave heights: 1600mm, 2300mm
  • Available fabrics as follows
  • Soundfelt VF (price list A)
  • Blazer (price list B)
  • Sonus (price list C)
  • Synergy (price list D)
  • Divina Melange (price list E)

Please note: Photographic fabric scans are not colour-accurate. We recommend requesting a fabric sample before ordering. 

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Key Benefits of Scala XL Acoustic Wall Baffles

These stylish Abstracta Scala wall panels are specifically designed to combat distracting soundscapes in large open-plan areas. The benefits of soundproofing materials cannot be overstated, especially in profeScala Acoustic Ceiling Panelsssional environments.

  • Softens loud soundscapes
  • Scala Abstracta panels reduce echoes
  • Unique focal point style
  • Made for open-plan, busy spaces
  • Over 10 upholstery options
  • Over 100 colour options
  • Metal installation fittings included
  • Both stylish and sound-absorbent

Scala XL Soundproofing Panels Reduce Sound Transmission

Acclaimed interior designer Anya Sebton collaborated with Abstracta to create Scala XL noise cancelling panels. The XL builds on the success of the original Scala acoustic wall panel. The concave and convex design is inspired by old architecture in Milan. This stylistic choice translates into a wall panels that diffuse and absorb sound waves.

When convex Scala XL acoustic wall baffles are installed on walls they create a tunnel for air. This feature, along with the sound-absorbent polyester core (which is made in part from recycled PET bottles), creates superior noise-dampening qualities. Concave Scala XL panels are equally aesthetically pleasing, and also guarantee significant sound reduction qualities.

Scala Hanging Acoustic Panels and Scala Acoustic Ceiling Panels are ideal for customers who want the same soundproofing qualities but need more flexibility in terms of installation.

Scala XL Sound-Absorbent Screen Uses

Scala XL is one of our most popular decorative acoustic panels to date. Anya Sebton created this screen with sleek, professional environments in mind. These decorative acoustic panels are designed to soften soundscapes in large spaces such as reception areas, open-plan offices, and auditoriums.

Scala XL acoustic wall panels can be installed alone or alongside each other. The result is a powerful noise-dampening barrier that is also an aesthetic focal piece. By combining style with soundproofing, Anya Sebton has created panels that are suitable for a range of professional environments.

When concave Scala XL panels are installed next to each other, there is a separate ‘Right’ and ‘Left’ panel that completes the wave.

Scala Abstracta Noise-Dampening Panels Materials

Scala Abstracta screens are simple yet effective. The body of the panel is made from sound-absorbent polyester materials. All of Anya Sebton’s creations are manufactured with the environment in mind. The polyester filling contains recycled PET bottles, which makes the panels perfect for eco-conscious consumers.

These acoustic wall baffles come with metal fittings. Once installed, the fittings are invisible to onlookers.

Abstracta Scala Wall Customisation

Abstracta Scala wall panels can be tailored to suit your preferences. There is a world of customisation opportunities in the Scala Abstracta range. Popular fabric upholstery options include Soundfelt VF, Blazer, Sonus, Synergy, and Divina Melange.

Soundfelt VF offers customers a basic palette of black, grey, and white. This fabric choice is most popular with customers who want noise-dampening furnishings for professional environments. Choices such as Camira Blazer are far bolder, and guarantee pops of colour that match Scala XL’s bold wavy style.

Please be aware that some Camira Blazer fabrics require longer delivery times.

Buy Scala XL Decorative Acoustic Panels Today

Invite style and sophistication into your workspace today with Scala XL acoustic wall panels. Tailor each bespoke panel to your specifications. Our design technicians can advise you about suitable colours, fabrics, and installation options. Fill in our online form to receive expert advice.


Anya Sebton




California 01350 Emissions Compliant, Low VOC, Rapidly Renewable Content, mindful MATERIALS, EPD, HPD, Declare CDHP Emissions Compliant


100% Polyester

NRC Rating

Concave- 0.80 | Convex- 0.85


Please see specification page for complete details

Sold In


Sold In



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Additional Information

  • Scala XL tiles are offered as a stand-alone single tile, or as a group to be placed directly next to each other. It is important that each end of the Scala pattern is finished by a “right” and/or a “left” tile in order to produce a beautiful completion of the waveform. Between these only fit “Middle” modules.
  • Scala XL tiles are available in two different versions, ‘convex or ‘concave’
  • Scala XL is suspended from a wall by using concealed metal fittings
  • Scala is available in several different coverings with the compositions indicated below:
  • Blazer fabric 100% Wool
  • Divina fabric 100% New Wool
  • Snow White fabric 100% Polyester
  • Soundfelt 100% Polyester (51% recycled Polyester)
  • Please Note: Scala panels CANNOT be cut in the field
  • CAD Files

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