Abstracta Scala Acoustic Ceiling Panel

The Scala acoustic ceiling panels are not only effective at lowering noise, but they are also easy to install. These acoustic rafts are available with or without lighting and are made from a felt fabric with a sound-absorbing core.
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Scala acoustic ceiling panels have excellent sound-absorbent qualities and are easy to install. These acoustic rafts are available with or without lighting and are made from a felt fabric with a sound-absorbing core.

Scala Acoustic Ceiling Panel Product Specifications

  • Wire suspension system included
  • Fire-rated filling (EN13501-1 B-s1, d0) available on request
  • Optional LED lighting system
  • Black or white stained ash finish for lighting systems
  • Optimal LUX dimmer kit
  • Dali-compatible system available on request
  • Available in four fabric swatches including
  • Camira Blazer (stock colours - price list B)
  • Camira Blazer (longer delivery time - price list B)
  • Divina 3 (Price list E)
  • Divina Melange (Price list E)
  • Soundfelt VF (Price list A)
  • W1600mm x H1207mm

Please note: Photographic fabric scans are not colour-accurate. We recommend requesting a fabric sample before ordering. 

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Key Benefits of Suspended Acoustic Ceiling Panels

Scala Abstracta panels combine aesthetic appeal with acoustic efficiency. People who appreciate style and quality love our bespoke Scala pieces.

  • Reduces echoes
  • Creates a tranquil environment
  • Available with stylish integrated lighting
  • Easy installation process
  • White and black stained ash finish available with lighting

Scala Acoustic Rafts Reduce Sound Transmission

Award-winning designer Anya Sebton took inspiration from ‘houses in Iceland where not only the roofs but the facades too are covered by corrugated iron’ to create Scala acoustic ceiling panels. The beauty, functionality, and simplicity of this staple Icelandic style ‘gave birth’ to Scala.

Scala suspended acoustic ceiling panels have a unique silhouette that is designed to reduce echoes and sound reverberations. Scala panels function as a barrier for sound waves. Once waves hit the compressed felt rafter they are absorbed. Some sound vibrations penetrate the material and dissipate throughout. Customers can expect a softer soundscape and stylish interiors with Scala Abstracta furnishings.

Scala acoustic wall panels and Scala acoustic office dividers also have excellent sound-absorption qualities.

Abstracta Scala Ceiling Panel Uses

Scala acoustic rafts are unobtrusive yet functional. The compressed felt exterior blends into the background in professional, modern environments. People all over the UK are reaping the benefits of Abstracta Scala ceilings. We recommend these stylish, sound-absorbent rafts for open-plan professional spaces. They are also common fixtures in libraries and study spaces.

Each panel is suspended from the ceiling by four wires. This slim, minimalist design draws the eye to the Icelandic inspired wave silhouette. These panels are perfect for people who want to avoid bulky, square fixtures.

If your workspace echoes, it might be time to browse through our acoustic rafts. Scala acoustic hanging panels also have the same noise-dampening qualities as the rafts.

Scala Abstracta Materials

Anya Sebton designed Scala acoustic rafts with compressed felt. The felt is shaped to mimic the style of Icelandic corrugated metal structures, which are commonly seen on roofs and facades.

Scala Suspended Acoustic Ceiling Panels Customisation

At Panelscreens, we offer our customers a range of customisation options. Whether you want acoustic furnishings that stand out or blend into the background, we can help. We stock Camira Blazer, Divina 3, Divina Melange, and Soundfelt VF fabric options, all of which are approved for acoustic furnishings. Camira Blazer colours are separated into two categories: standard colours and colours which take longer to manufacture.

Customers can also request integrated lights for their Scala suspended acoustic ceiling panels. A 3000 Kelvin, 1840 lumen LED lighting system can be integrated into the panels with either a white or black stained ash finish.

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Our design technicians are experts in interiors. If you are unsure about how to create a calm, peaceful environment, they can help. Fill in our online contact form to start the design process and access bespoke services.


• Available in two solid fabric finishes with a total of 106 colours.
• LED light strip in the middle
• White or black stained ash light surround finish
• Option to add lux dimmer kit transmitter & receiver to enable light dimming 
• Scala ceiling is available with or without lighting. 
• 230V input, LED lighting 3000 K, 1840 lm, scattering angle 120 °, 22 W. 
•Wireless dimmer kit is available as an accessory along with article 19055100. On request, the product can be Dali-compatible.


Standard size is 1207 x 1600.
Biggest panel size is 1207 x 2300.
Custom sizes can be cut down to W1207mm side down to W1056mm, W905mm, W754mm, W603mm.
We can reduce the size of the 2300mm panels down to any size wanted.

Create a Scala office with Scala acoustic panelsfree-standing panelshanging ceiling panels and acoustic desk screens



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• Upholstered in fabric only, Snow white soundfelt VF and  Blazer as standard, other fabric bands and swatches are available on request.
• 6 standard Camira blazer quick-ship fabric finishes available; CUZ1N, CUZ1W, CUZ1E, CUZ33, CUZ28 & CUZ30
• All other blazer fabrics available at no additional cost

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