Classroom Acoustics

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Introducing the complete classroom acoustic panels, room dividers and display & noticeboards. Creating an optimal learning environment is crucial for the development and engagement of students of all abilities and needs. Classroom acoustic panels are designed to reduce noise, minimize echo, and enhance sound clarity, creating a more focused and effective learning space. Our selection of acoustic solutions includes the edge acoustic desk panel which slides on or off wherever they are needed! Our traditional floor-standing acoustic screens, wall panels, and ceiling panels are each specifically designed to address the unique acoustic challenges found in educational settings.

Check out our selection of desk-mounted acoustic panels below which offer a direct approach to sound management at the source. These panels are easily attached to individual desks or tables, providing immediate noise reduction and privacy for students. They are particularly effective in bustling environments like open-plan classrooms or libraries, where they help students concentrate and focus.

Our range of floor-standing or mobile acoustic screens are versatile and movable solutions that can be strategically placed wherever they are needed. These panels can be used to create quieter sections within a room, manage sound in open areas, or provide flexible partitioning for group work, thus supporting a variety of teaching and learning styles.

Acoustic wall panels are a staple in acoustic design, offering both aesthetic and functional benefits. Available in a range of colours and designs, our wall panels not only improve classroom acoustics but also contribute to a vibrant and stimulating learning environment.

Ceiling acoustic panels play a critical role in comprehensive acoustic management. Since sound naturally travels upwards, ceiling panels are strategically placed to capture and diffuse sound.

By addressing the diverse acoustic needs of educational spaces, our products ensure that students can listen, participate, and engage more effectively. Explore our range of classroom acoustic panels to create a learning environment suited to your student's needs. We accept purchase orders for schools, please contact our sales team to find out more.