Lightweight Folding Display Board 7 Panels

Create space for collaboration with this lightweight fold-out display board. It is perfect for offices, classrooms, and even trade shows.
£397.00 ex. VAT
£476.40 inc. VAT

Light Folding Display Board Product Specifications

  • 1800mm(w) x 2050mm(h)
  • Each panel is 600mm(w) x 900mm(h)
  • 7-panel screen
  • Panels are hinged together
  • Pinnable upholstery on both sides
  • Supplied with nylon storage bag
  • Following fabrics available: Nyloop
  • Nyloop colours available:
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Grey
  • 1-year warranty

Key Benefits of Fold-Out Display Boards

Folding display boards are designed to give you the flexibility to share your ideas in any space. Simply erect the board, then store it in the nylon transport bag when you are finished presenting your ideas.

  • Folds away for easy storage
  • Travel anywhere
  • Double-sided pinnable panels
  • Share information easily

Aluminium Folding Display Boards Encourage Collaboration

Ideas come alive on 7-panel folding display boards. The biggest benefit of these boards is that they inspire communication and collaboration. At exhibitions, visitors are immediately drawn to this 2050mm high structure and the vibrant upholstery. In offices and classrooms, the board acts as a marker for group discussions and brainstorming. Occasionally, it is beneficial to communicate without the use of technology. This is especially true of offices, where a lot of discourse passes through digital avenues. By investing in a physical display board, you can encourage peers to meet and discuss ideas face-to-face. Explore the rest of our Lightweight range to find your perfect fit. We also sell a Lightweight Folding Display Board with 6 Panels and a Lightweight Folding Display Board with 8 Panels.

7 Panel Folding Display Board Uses

This aluminium folding display board features pinnable fabric on both sides. You can utilise both sides of the board to share information about community events, important deadlines, and the latest updates in an internal project. Many of our customers use display boards to separate spaces and share information. This is especially common in modern shared environments, which are usually open-plan. The board can act as a barrier between teams as well as a meeting point. On one hand, it provides employees and students with much-needed privacy. On the other hand, it also facilitates communication. Of course, a lot of people use fold-out display boards for exhibitions. Exhibitions and trade shows can be tricky because you have to bring your equipment with you. It can be easy to fade into the background. By investing in one of our display boards, you can ensure that your stall is eye-catching and appealing. If you are worried about stability, you should explore our Heavy Duty range. Our Heavy-Duty Folding Display Board with 7 Panels has all the same benefits of this product, but it is also far sturdier.

Light Folding Display Board Materials

This freestanding furnishing is comprised of premium-quality fabric upholstery, a strong aluminium frame, and sturdy hinges. There are two hinges on each side of each panel which connect them to the next.

Light Fold-Out Display Board Customisation

You can request this 7-panel folding display board in three different colours. We stock Blue, Red, and Grey Nyloop upholstery. Blue and Red are common choices for people who go to exhibits. They stand out amongst the crowd and will capture the attention of anyone that is passing by. Grey is still an excellent option for these kinds of environments, but it is typically most popular in office spaces and receptions.

Buy Light Aluminium Folding Display Boards Today

Customise your folding display board with the help of our interior designers. They are on hand to provide a personalised, curated service. They will recommend an upholstery option that suits your space and even point you in the direction of other suitable furnishings. Contact our team to inquire about a virtual meeting.