Lightweight Folding Display Board 6 Panel

Communicate important information with this light, transportable folding display board. Made for events, schools, and exhibitions.
£325.00 ex. VAT
£390.00 inc. VAT

Light Fold-Out Display Board Product Specifications

  • 1800mm(w) x 2050mm(h)
  • Individual panels are 600mm(w) x 900mm(h) 6-panel screen
  • Panels are hinged in two places
  • Pinnable fabric
  • Fabric on both sides
  • Matt aluminium frame
  • Nylon storage bag included
  • Following fabrics available: Nyloop
  • Nyloop colours available: Grey Blue Red 1-year warranty

Key Benefits of 6 Panel Folding Display Boards

Our 6-panel folding display boards are extremely lightweight. Set it up or store it away from sight in just a few minutes.

  • Quick assembly
  • Three sophisticated colours
  • Suitable for exhibitions
  • Freestanding board
  • Encourages collaboration

Folding Display Boards Create Pathways to Communication

Do you struggle to communicate your key points? Idea-sharing can be difficult, especially in busy collaborative environments. You can cut through all the chatter with folding display boards. This board is comprised of six panels, and it acts as a visual cue to people who pass by. Both sides of the boards are upholstered in pinnable fabric, meaning you can convey key messages to two different target audiences at the same time. If space is at a premium, a fold-out display board could answer all your problems. This extremely lightweight, movable board is easy to fold away and erect. It comes with a heavy-duty nylon storage bag that doubles as a transport bag. We recommend this product to people who have to travel between locations. It is ideal for teachers, salespeople, and community groups. For an even sturdier structure, invest in a Heavy Duty Folding Display Board.

Light Fold-Out Display Board Uses

There is no end to the number of ways that you can benefit from 6-panel folding display boards. Of course, the primary benefit is the ability to clearly communicate key information. Professionals can pin to-do lists, deadline reminders, notices, and any other information to each panel. This product is comprised of six distinct panels, meaning you can segment your information to appeal to different audiences. If you utilise the space effectively, you can communicate with several people at the same time. Freestanding aluminium folding display boards are brilliant visual cues for people who are just passing by. It is a medium of communication that is free from all the anxieties and stresses associated with speaking to a salesperson or even just a new person. It is a less intimidating way of sharing information. We also sell a Lightweight Folding Display Board with 7 Panels and a Lightweight Folding Display Board with 8 Panels. They are perfect for people who want to share even more information and reach a wider range of audiences.

Light Folding Display Board Materials

A freestanding folding display board is only as good as its materials. This board is manufactured with reliable materials. The matt aluminium frame secures each board in place, and the pinnable upholstery fabric creates a stylish, effective means of communication. Each panel is connected via plastic hinges. Overall, this is a sturdy freestanding structure.

Light 6 Panel Folding Display Board Customisation

Our bespoke furnishings blend into every kind of environment. This fold-out display board is available in three Nyloop fabric colours: Blue, Red, and Grey. Blue and Red are bold and eye-catching, which means they are perfect for collaborative environments. It is not uncommon to see this kind of board in schools, community centres, and exhibitions. Grey is another excellent choice, but it is more muted.

Buy Fold-Out Display Boards Today

6-panel folding display boards could be just what you need to communicate with prospects, students, and colleagues. Order your board today and don’t forget to add customisation notes to your order.