Heavy Duty Folding Display Board 6 Panels

6-panel folding display boards clearly communicate information to students, employees, and visitors alike. Perfect for exhibitions.
£199.00 ex. VAT
£238.80 inc. VAT

Fold-Out Display Board Product Specifications

  • Widths: 1800mm, 2400mm
  • Height: 2050mm
  • Fold up 6-panel screen
  • Supplied with nylon zip-up storage bag
  • Red, Blue, and Grey colours available
  • 1-year warranty

Key Benefits of Fold-Out Display Boards

This aluminium folding display board can be unfolded and set up within a minute. If your space is too small for permanent fixtures, this board could solve your problem.

  • Easy to fold up, store, and erect
  • Three stylish colours to choose from
  • Freestanding structure
  • Promotes idea-sharing

6 Panel Folding Display Boards Communicate Vital Information

If you want to communicate clearly and effectively without resorting to phones, laptops, or tablets, you should invest in a fold-out display board. Display boards are one of the more traditional modes of communication. Our heavy-duty board is comprised of six heavy-duty panels which fold out to create a focal point for information and conversation. This 6-panel folding display board is easy to fold up, store, and erect. It even comes with a zip-up nylon storage and transport bag. Take it on the road or simply store it away from sight until next time. Once you have erected the board, you can start pinning information sheets directly to the surface. Both sides of the board are upholstered in pinnable fabric, so there is no shortage of space. Students, employees, and guests love this interactive way of sharing ideas. Want even more space? Invest in a Heavy Duty Folding Display Board with 7 Panels or a Heavy Duty Folding Display Board with 8 Panels.

Aluminium Folding Display Board Uses

Professionals nationwide use folding display boards to draw attention to themselves in the workplace, at exhibits, and even in schools and community centres. It can be difficult to convey a concept to a crowd; it is infinitely easier to communicate using visual cues. Pin posters, flyers, and infographics to either side of the board to solidify your argument. Our customers also use this aluminium folding display board to cordon off areas for important conversations. With this freestanding board beside you, you can focus on deadlines, international meetings, interviews, and whatever else you need to concentrate on. The twin version of this product (Lightweight Folding Display Board ) is even easier to carry, load into cars, and unfold.

Folding Display Boards Materials

When it comes to free-standing boards, you need high-quality materials. This fold-out display board is approved for use in busy spaces. The sturdy aluminium frame and heavy-duty panels hold up against even the most hectic environment. Each panel is connected by two strong hinges.

Fold-Out Display Board Customisation

We customise panels so that you get a truly personalised experience. Our Heavy Duty 6-panel folding display board comes in three colours. This colour scale is designed to fit every specification. Grey is perfect for people who want their divider to blend into the background, whereas Blue and Red will add a pop of colour to any room.

Buy 6-Panel Folding Display Boards Today

Folding display boards could save time and energy. Students, colleagues, and customers can touch-base with the information on the board rather than knocking on your office door. To save precious time and boost productivity, order your board today. Contact us to customise your aluminium folding display board.