Heavy Duty Folding Display Board 8 Panels

Folding display boards streamline the pathways to communication. This 8-panel product is perfect for offices, schools, and exhibitions.
£331.00 ex. VAT
£397.20 inc. VAT

Folding Display Board Product Specifications

  • 2400mm(w) x 2050mm(h)
  • Individual panels are 600mm(w) x 900mm(h)
  • 8-panel screen
  • Panels are connected in two places
  • Pinnable upholstery
  • Fabric upholstery on both sides
  • Supplied with a nylon storage bag
  • Following fabrics available: Nyloop
  • Nyloop colours available: Grey Blue Red 1-year warranty

Key Benefits of Aluminium Folding Display Boards

An 8-panel folding display board can act as a meeting point forcolleagues, students, and visitors who want to learn more about your ideas.

  • Easy to erect
  • Three colours available
  • Folds up for easy storage
  • Conveys key information
  • Double-sided for added impact

Heavy Duty Folding Display Board Shares Information

Modern collaborative environments depend on digital information-sharing, but living in a digital world can be exhausting. People want to communicate without resorting to their phones, laptops, and iPads. This sturdy, heavy-duty fold-out display board can clearly communicate information to a range of audiences, even from several feet away. Colleagues, students, and visitors can congregate at the board and learn everything they need to know. One of the biggest benefits of this board is that it is freestanding. Whether you are erecting this board in your office or at an exhibition 100 miles from home, you do not need to worry about fiddly linking equipment. Just unfold the panels, put the board in place, and begin pinning materials to the surface. Both sides are pinnable, which means that two salespeople can share different ideas at the same time. Are you short on space? Try our Heavy Duty Folding Display Board with 6 Panels.

Fold-Out Display Board Uses

Aesthetically pleasing boards are a welcome addition to any marketing strategy. This aluminium folding display board features eight panels upholstered in pinnable fabric on both sides. Once erected, it is hard to ignore. Employees, visitors, and students can take a much-needed break from screens and read the materials pinned to the board. Here are some of the ways that our customers utilise 8-panel folding display boards. Office managers share deadlines and to-do lists. HR representatives inform employees about wellness retreats and well-being support. Colleagues update each other about their progress with memos. Marketers create posters that highlight the benefits of their products. We also sell lightweight versions of the same board. Read about our Lightweight Folding Display Board with 7 Panels and Lightweight Folding Display Board with 8 Panels before you make your purchase.

8 Panel Folding Display Board Materials

This fold-out display board is made with sturdy materials. Each panel is upholstered in high-quality pinnable fabric on both sides and is bracketed by a matt aluminium frame. The panels are hinged together in two sections, which makes the overall structure extremely sturdy.

Folding Display Board Customisation

When you order from us, you can expect bespoke furnishings. This aluminium folding display board is no exception. It comes in a range of three Nyloop fabric colours which include bold Blue, regal Red, and sophisticated Grey. The colours are simple yet impactful. They blend into the background and allow your marketing materials to take centre stage.

Buy Aluminium Folding Display Boards Today

Discover new ways to reach your target audience with our heavy-duty folding display board. Remember, you can customise the board with whichever colour you prefer. Choose from our range of three stylish options and contact us to get the ball rolling.