Heavy Duty Folding Display Board 7 Panels

Heavy-duty aluminium folding display boards can do the work of several salespeople. Just erect the board and pin your marketing materials.
£297.00 ex. VAT
£356.40 inc. VAT

Fold-Out Display Board Product Specifications

  • 1800mm(w) x 2050mm(h)
  • Individual panels are 600mm(w) x 900mm(h)
  • 7-panel screen
  • Two hinges connect each panel
  • Double-sided pinnable upholstery
  • Nylon storage/travel bag included
  • Following fabrics available: Nyloop
  • Nyloop colours available:
  • Red
  • Grey
  • Blue
  • 1-year warranty

Key Benefits of Fold-Out Display Boards

Our fold-out display board could revolutionise your marketing strategy. Pin visual cues on both sides of the board to attract customers and make sales.

  • For graphs, pie-charts, and bullet points
  • Share key information
  • Easily to erect and fold away
  • Double-sided pinnable fabric

7-Panel Folding Display Boards Share Information

This 7-panel folding display board provides salespeople, office managers, and teachers with an easy way to share information. The board is an imposing 2050mm tall and 1800mm wide, meaning it commands attention. To make the most of your folding display board, you can pin marketing materials to both sides. It is not unusual to see our boards at trade shows, conventions, and exhibitions. They even appear in offices, community centres, and classrooms! The clearly segmented panels act as a guideline for marketers to create easily digestible chunks of information about different topics. Visitors can glean all the information they need without ever talking to a salesperson. Likewise, employees can learn about the latest developments in work projects without emailing their superiors. Looking for a lighter option? Lightweight Folding Display Board with 7 Panels comes with all the benefits of this board, but it is much easier to carry.

Aluminium Folding Display Board Uses

Display boards have lots of functions. Above all else, they function as a base for important information, which can take many forms. Some of our customers use their aluminium folding display boards to keep team members up to date on internal deadlines. Others use them to highlight the appeal of their product to passing customers. This board does the work of several salespeople. It is ideal for travelling salespeople and marketers who want to communicate with a wide range of people in a short time frame. While a salesperson is speaking one-on-one to a prospect, other prospects can stop and read the information on the board. When you have this imposing structure in tow, you can expect lots of interested customers. Looking for something a bit smaller? Heavy Duty Folding Display Board with 6 Panels could be just what you need. On the other end of the spectrum, Heavy Duty Folding Display Board with 8 Panels is the widest pinnable board that we sell.

Folding Display Board Materials

Freestanding fold-out display boards require tried and tested materials. This heavy-duty board is built with materials that are designed to last. An aluminium frame brackets each of the panels, which are connected with a sturdy hinge in two places. If you have any problems with your board, you can use the 1-year guaranteed warranty.

Fold-Out Display Board Customisation

Like all our products, this 7-panel folding display board can be customised to suit your space. It is available in three Nyloop fabric colours: Red, Blue, and Grey. For professional working environments, there is no better colour than Grey. Red and Blue are also good options, but they have an innate vibrant quality which makes them perfect for exhibitions. Still unsure? Our interior designers can help you choose the perfect colour.

Buy 7-Panel Folding Display Boards Today

This folding display board can streamline your working day. Our interior design team will talk you through every step of the design process. Contact us today to book a one-to-one appointment.