Lightweight Tabletop Folding Display Board

Create clear presentations with this tabletop folding display board. Use both sides of the pinnable fabric panels for maximum impact.
£228.00 ex. VAT
£273.60 inc. VAT

Tabletop Exhibition Display Board Product Specifications

  • 1800mm(w) x 850mm(h)
  • Sizes without the frame:
  • Top panel: 881mm(w) x 178mm(h)
  • Side panel: 417mm(w) x 575mm(h)
  • Main panel: 881mm(w) x 575mm(h)
  • Double-sided pinnable screen
  • Lightweight structure
  • Matt aluminium frame
  • Nylon storage bag included
  • Following fabrics available: Nyloop
  • Nyloop colours available:
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Grey
  • 1-year product guarantee

Key Benefits of Folding Tabletop Display Boards

Tabletop boards act as handy visual cues for salespeople, teachers, and office managers who want to communicate with big crowds. It has never been easier to convey ideas face-to-face.

  • Set up within minutes
  • Freestanding structure
  • Made for quick presentations
  • Easy to transport
  • Pin materials to both sides

Tabletop Display Boards for Trade Shows

If you understand the value of face-to-face communication, folding tabletop display boards are ideal. Exhibitions, trade shows, and presentations are still a big part of customer acquisition. With one of these tabletop boards, you can create visual cues that alert your target audience to the benefits of your product. Both sides are upholstered in pinnable fabric, which means that two salespeople can give presentations at the same time. This board is lightweight enough for one person to erect it by themselves. It is a freestanding board that can sit on top of desks, floors, and any other stable structures. Once you have finished giving your presentation, simply fold the panels inward. This easy-to-use, transportable tabletop exhibition display board is a must-have for travelling salespeople. Our Heavy-Duty Folding Tabletop Display Board has all the same benefits, but it is heavier and sturdier.

Tabletop Display Boards Uses

When space is at a premium, tabletop folding display boards save the day. This board is so lightweight that one person can unfold and erect it. There is no need to clear a permanent space for it, just place it in storage. Display boards are great for presentations. Salespeople can point to visual cues on the board to emphasise their ideas. Graphics, graphs, and pie charts can even capture the attention of people who would otherwise be too tired or busy to speak to a salesperson directly. By pinning marketing materials to your board, you can increase brand awareness and spark interest. When our customers are not using tabletop display boards for trade shows, they are using them in classrooms and offices. You can pin information about community events, deadlines, and well-being support to your board. Believe it or not, employees and students appreciate the chance to step away from their screens and learn the old-fashioned way.

Tabletop Folding Display Board Materials

This folding tabletop display board is comprised of four panels. Each panel is upholstered in pinnable fabric on both sides. They are connected to each other via sturdy hinges and a matt aluminium frame.

Folding Tabletop Display Board Customisation

Tabletop display boards can make the world of difference to your presentation. When it comes to vital equipment, it is important to have a personalised touch. Our customers can choose from three upholstery colours: Blue, Red, and Grey. If you are unsure which colour to choose, contact us. Our interior design team will listen to your specifications and recommend a colour.

Buy Tabletop Exhibition Display Boards Today

Now is the perfect time to purchase tabletop display boards for trade shows, exhibitions, presentations, and schools. Stay one step ahead of the game by investing in a multi-functional, pinnable board.