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Acoustic furniture can transform an empty room into a tranquil workspace. Offices, schools, and community centres all over the UK use acoustic breakout furniture to encourage individuals to think outside the box. Our furnishings are made with high quality materials that absorb and dampen sound waves. With our wide selection of furniture, you can disrupt sound waves from every angle and improve room acoustics.

Any piece of furniture can be made with acoustic materials. Wall booths, screens, office cubicles, and even flower pots can become multi-purpose focal points. Zen Acoustic Pods absorb the chaotic sounds of busy offices and create a safe, calm space for idea sharing. Abstracta DB Pillar is by far the most versatile range in our collection. This piece of sound-absorbing furniture is available as a flower pot, coat hanger, and magazine holder.


Acoustic Furniture Frequently Asked Questions

Does Furniture Absorb Sound?

All furniture absorbs sound to some extent. If you blow a trumpet in an empty room, the sound waves travel and dissipate throughout. They eventually hit a wall, where they will either echo or be absorbed. Heavy, dense objects like sofas act as barriers to sound. Sound waves are absorbed on the surface of the sofa, and they dissipate as they move through it. The denser the object, the more the sound waves will dissipate. Normal furniture has a big impact on the acoustics of your room, but what about acoustic furniture?

What Is Acoustic Furniture?

Acoustic office furniture is furniture that is made with sound-absorbent (also known as sound-dampening) materials. Manufacturers can create furniture that absorbs sound waves in a few ways. They can fill the object with foam, felt, and fibre or they can upholster the object in noise-dampening materials. It is not uncommon for manufacturers of sound-absorbing office furniture to experiment with form. Abstracta Hive Cubicle Office Workstation is designed to maximise the sound-dampening surface area and combat every angle that might be a passageway for unwanted sounds.

How Does Furniture Affect Acoustics?

Acoustics is the study of sound and sound waves. When we say room acoustics, we are talking about the way that sounds impact the type, quality, and loudness of sounds in a room. Furniture has a big impact on room acoustics, and acoustic furniture has an even bigger impact. This type of furniture gained popularity when sleek, open-plan offices started popping up. Open-plan offices have an unrivalled aesthetic, but there is not much space for peace and tranquillity, two qualities which ensure that staff can meet deadlines. Enter sound-absorbing office furniture. With careful sourcing and correct placement, acoustic objects like sofas, screens, and even whiteboards can have a positive impact on room acoustics.

What Is Acoustic Breakout Furniture?

There is not one specific type of acoustic breakout furniture - instead, it is an umbrella term for furniture that improves the acoustics of areas that are designed for brainstorming, relaxation, and socialisation. Breakout areas are usually separate from office spaces, and they provide a welcome reprieve from the hustle and bustle of modern workstations. In typical office spaces, community centres, and schools, separation from unwanted sounds is not always possible. But by buying acoustic breakout furniture, you can dampen harsh sounds and improve the acoustics of your space.

Bespoke Sound-Absorbing Furniture

We make eye-catching, sound-absorbing furniture for people who want to improve their soundscapes. To learn more about our service, give us a call on 02039954570. You can also email us at to arrange a discovery call with our designers.