Abstracta DB Pillar Acoustic Furniture

Abstracta dB Pillar Acoustic furniture is a unique range of acoustic accessories & furnishings for the office. The dB Pillar is available as a magazine rack, flower trellis, clothes hook & whiteboard.
£710.33 ex. VAT
£852.40 inc. VAT

DB Pillar is a range of sound absorbent Acoustic Furniture. Customers can choose from pillars with whiteboards, coat hooks, plant pots, and magazine racks.

DB Pillar Product Specifications

  • In-built electrical outlets
  • Filled with sound absorbent fabrics
  • Sustainable sourcing and manufacturing process
  • Pillar with magazine rack: W470mm x H1930mm
  • Pillar with E3 whiteboard: W470mm x H1930mm
  • Pillar with clothes hooks: W470mm x H1930mm
  • Pillar with flowerpot: W470mm x H700mm
  • Pillar with waste paper basket: W470mm x H700mm
  • Pillar with flowerpot: W470mm x H1100mm
  • Pillar desk: W850mm x H720mm / W720mm x H1070mm
  • Pillar pallet: W375mm x 500mm
  • Pillar with flower trellis: W420mm x 1600mm
  • Following fabrics available:
  • Dox (price list A)
  • Cara (price list B)
  • Blazer (price list C)
  • Synergy (price list D)
  • Divina (price list E)

Please note: Photographic fabric scans are not colour-accurate. We recommend requesting a fabric sample before ordering. 

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Key Benefits of dB Acoustic Office Furniture

These versatile pillars are a stylish, functional solution for professionals who want to improve Room Acoustics. Libraries, office spaces, and reception areas all over the UK benefit from Abstracta furnishings.

  • Wide range of versatile pillars
  • Multi-functional furnishings
  • Sustainable and effective
  • Absorbs sound waves on the surface
  • Creates soft soundscapes

DB Sound Absorbent Funiture Reduces Sound Transmission

Thomas Bernstrand left no stone unturned when creating Abstracta acoustic office furniture. He explores the dual nature of pillars, which are historically used for decoration and also support. Each pillar is filled with textile offcuts from Abstracta’s factory in Lammhult. The Pillar range plays a vital role in Abstracta’s mission; this sustainable brand wants to achieve an entirely circular production process.

The dB Pillar range was created for discerning designers who want multi-functional furniture that improves room acoustics. This range includes tables, stools, and pillars in lots of different heights. All the furnishings contain an acoustic core. In the dB range, everyday office furnishings have dual purposes.

If you like dB furnishings, you will love dB Whiteboard Acoustic Office Dividers and dB Fabric Acoustic Office Dividers.

DB Room Acoustics Furniture Uses

Like all the other acoustic furniture in the Abstracta range, dB pillars are very versatile. They can be used as a desk, stool, or an organisation post. All the options come with in-built electrical outlets. Our customers place these pillars in reception areas, office spaces, libraries, study areas, and any other environment that requires simple yet stylish furnishings.

There are lots of different dB pillars to choose from. These sound absorbent office furnishings come with climbing plants, E3 whiteboards, magazine holders, flower pots, and coat hangers.

Abstracta dB Materials

DB acoustic office furniture is made with sustainable processes. Thomas Bernstrand was intent on creating a sustainable range. DB Pillars have an acoustic core that is made from fabric offcuts from Abstracta’s factory in Lammhult. The upholstery is made from a fabric of your choice.

DB Acoustic Furniture Customisation

Room acoustics have never looked better. DB Pillars can be upholstered in a range of different fabrics. Our customers can choose from over twenty different fabrics, including Dox, Cara, Blazer, Synergy, and Divina, to name just a few. All the fabrics that we stock improve room acoustics.

These stylish acoustic furniture pieces can pop with colour or blend into the background. Dox is perfect for professionals who want muted shades. The colours in the Dox range scale from black to light grey. Synergy offers many more sound absorbent colours including reds, purples, mauves, sea blues, and sky blues. Please note that we are happy to send fabric swatches on request.

Buy dB Acoustic Office Furniture Today

Contact us today to purchase your dB acoustic office furniture. Our design technicians can help you choose a dB Pillar that suits your environment. This range of pillars can add a touch of warmth to any office space.