Abstracta Lily Acoustic Light

Abstracta Lily Acoustic Light noise-dampening qualities are contained within its subtle design. The Lily acoustic ceiling light is available 90 or 120 cm in diameter and is ideal for restaurants and open spaces.
£890.18 ex. VAT
£1,068.22 inc. VAT

Abstracta Lily has excellent acoustic qualities. Sustainable practices and sound absorbent abilities are hidden behind this striking, simple design.

Abstracta Lily Product Specifications

  • Polyester or Hemp sound absorbent core
  • Available with or without light
  • Dimmable LED lights
  • Two sizes available
  • Regular: W900mm x H61mm
  • Large: W1200mm x H61mm
  • Following fabrics available:
  • Snow White (price list A)
  • Blazer (price list B)
  • Soul (price list C)
  • Synergy (price list D)
  • Europost (price list E)

Please note: Photographic fabric scans are not colour-accurate. We recommend requesting a fabric sample before ordering. 

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Key Benefits of Acoustic Ceiling Light Fixtures

Lily acoustic lights could be just what you need to re-energise a disruptive soundscape. We recommend Lily for restaurants, offices, reception areas, and even study spaces! It is one of the most popular options in our range of Acoustic Lighting.

  • Created by Hallgeir Homstvedt and Runa Klock
  • Resembles a serene lily pad
  • Two sizes available
  • Stops echoes from travelling upwards
  • Minimises distracting echoes
  • Available with or without lighting

Abstracta Lily Acoustic Lighting Reduces Sound Transmission

Acoustic Furniture is perfect for people who want to combat disruptive soundscapes.

Lily earned its name from the early prototypes, which took inspiration from lily pads. Hallgeir Homstvedt and Runa Klock are the brains behind Lily acoustic ceiling light fixtures. These two designers are well-known for thinking outside the box and revolutionising sound absorbent furnishings.

Far from a standard, basic acoustic light, Lily is a combination of style and superior acoustic materials. It is made from moulded felt and is available with a range of different textiles that are approved for use in acoustic furnishings. Sound waves are absorbed on the surface. This light fixture stops sound waves from travelling upwards and becoming echoes. No matter which variation you choose, you can depend on Lily for excellent acoustic qualities.

Lily Acoustic Ceiling Light Uses

For serene spaces, look no further than Abstracta Lily. Lily’s unique design makes it look as if it is floating. There are two size options, meaning that discerning designers can create an interplay between big and small lily pads. A barrier of acoustic ceiling light fixtures is sure to improve room acoustics.

Our customers can purchase Lily with or without lights. Without lighting, the sound absorbent qualities come to the forefront of the product. We recommend the option with dimmable LED lights for people who want to install Lily lights above desk or study spaces.

Abstracta Trumpet Acoustic Light and Abstracta Holly Acoustic Light are also popular with discerning designers.

Lily Acoustic Light Materials

Hallgeir Homstvedt and Runa Klock created Lily acoustic lighting with eco- conscientious materials. Customers can choose from two different cores. One core is made from polyester, and the other is made from a self-developed filling. This filling is made from Hemp, which is sourced from renewable raw hemp and starch.

Abstracta Lily Customisation

At Panelscreens, we are proud to create bespoke furnishings for professionals across the UK. We stock premium quality fabrics that have excellent acoustic qualities. Snow White, Blazer, Soul, Synergy, and Europost are some of the most popular fabrics that we stock.

We offer customers a sliding scale of fabric upholstery colours that range from plain white to plain black and everything in between! Lily acoustic ceiling light fixtures can be upholstered in bright red or deep blue hues. No matter which fabric you choose, it will improve room acoustics and create a softer soundscape.

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Contact us today to improve your room acoustics. Lily acoustic lights can soften even the harshest soundscapes. Our design technicians are on hand to create bespoke pieces that blend into any professional environment.